Construction Overview

The Construction Department is responsible for the management of small and large capital projects, repairs and renovations, grounds and utility infrastructure. Should you have any questions or concerns pertaining to ongoing projects, please contact the Director of Construction office at 217-206-7375.

Current Projects

  • Baseball Synthetic Infield
  • BSB Health Clinic HVAC Repair
  • Child Protection Training Lab Electrical Upgrade
  • Housing Vent Fan Replacement
  • HSB AHU Replacement
  • HSB bypass on domestic water & filter
  • LRH Transformer Replacement
  • PAC Stage Roof Drain Repair
  • PAC Replace AHU 2 & RF 2 Drives
  • Recreation Park- Field Lighting
  • SLB Allied Health Remodel
  • SLB Environmental Controls Upgrade
  • Student Union
  • Sunflower HVAC Repairs
  • Townhouse Roof Repairs
  • UHB Repair Heating Pipe System
  • UIC Nursing Program Space Expansion
  • VPA Replace Clay Traps in VPA Ceramics
  • VPA Upgrades

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