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New Student Orientation and Parent Relations University of Illinois Springfield

Parents and Families

Welcome Parents and Families!Welcome to Family Weekend 2014

You are an integral partner with UIS in assisting your student in their journey from being a first-year to a graduate!  This page is meant to share information and resources that will help you parent your student along this period in their lives.  Our Parent Relations programming is young, new, and developing.  Check back regularly to see what we add.

First Year Student Orientation

At UIS we understand both the student and their family make a transition to college – but in different ways. Parents and family members are an important part of a student’s life and our partner in helping them be successful at UIS.  To assist our parents and family members of first-year students through this transition we have a parent/family orientation track that runs concurrently with the student orientation program to introduce you to UIS, its staff, resources, and students.

UIS Parents – Facebook Group

UIS creates a Facebook group for the parents and family members of each incoming Fall class.  It is a great way to interact and share your experience with other parents and stay connected to UIS.  Currently UIS Parents – Fall 2012; UIS Parents – Fall 2013; UIS Parents – Fall 2014; and UIS Parents – Fall 2015 are active. They are closed groups – you can go to the Facebook Group and ask to be invited or contact the Office of Admission and ask to be added to your student’s fall group.

Family Weekend

Each October we invite our parents and family members to come back to campus for a visit. The last Family Weekend was held October 10-12, 2014.  We had a great time with our families.

Family Weekend 2015 will be Friday, October 16-Sunday, October 18, 2015.  A schedule and registration information will be available in late August 2015.

Prairie Star Family Association (PSFA)

PSFA will be launching Fall 2014.  Contact the Director of New Student Orientation and Parent Relations Lisa McGuire if you would like to be among the first to receive information when it is available.