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Career Development Center University of Illinois Springfield

UIS CareerConnect

Log into CareerConnect

For Username, please use your net ID without If you are a first time user, please follow these instructions to activate your account.

What is CareerConnect?

CareerConnect is a student’s one stop shop for all of their career needs! Through CareerConnect a student can:

How to Use CareerConnect

  • First Time Users
    • If you are a first time user, your account has already been initialized with your net ID; you just need to setup your password
      1. Go to this webpage
      2. Enter your net ID into the Username field without
      3. A message with a link to setup your password will be sent to your UIS email; your net ID (without the @uis) and this password will be your login credentials to CareerConnect
  • Initial Setup
    1. Fill Out Profile
      •  Before you can start applying for jobs and internships, you have to fill out your CareerConnect profile. This profile identifies you in the system and allows the Career Development Center to track student’s needs.
      • When you first login to the system you will be forced to complete your profile before being allowed to look at jobs.
    2. Upload Resume
      • In order to apply for jobs, you must have a resume uploaded and approved in the system. Your resume is approved by one of our career counselors to ensure no obvious mistakes are made and students have the best chances in succeeding in their efforts.
      • Please follow these steps to upload a resume:
        1. Go the the My Documents tab in CareerConnect.
        2. Upload your resume.
        3. An email will be sent to you once your resume has been approved or rejected. Resumes may be rejected if they don’t follow the proper requirements.
      • Until an approved resume has been uploaded into CareerConnect, you cannot view or apply to jobs.

Reset CareerConnect Password

  • If you forgot your password, please follow these steps to reset it:
    1. Go to this webpage
    2. Enter your net ID into the Username field without
    3. A message with a link to reset your password will be sent to your UIS email

CareerConnect Resume Requirements

  • Resumes should not be longer than 2 pages.
  • Have a 2 page resume?  Place your name only at the top of second page
  • Do not use personal pronouns (I, me, my, she/her, he/his, we/our, they/their).
  • References should not be included on your resume.
    • Create a Reference Document to provide employer when requested. Upload as “Other Document” in CareerConnect
  • Use proper grammar and correct spelling.
  • Personal information such as race, gender, weight, religion, marital status, social security number or UIN are not to be placed on resume
  • Include UIS degree in progress first then add your High School diploma
  • Use a 10 point font size or larger
  • Work Experience Section
    • Describe the skills used on the job
    • Use concise phrases beginning with strong action word
    • Avoid using sentences as they not appropriate for resumes
    • Example: – Communicated with a wide variety of clients in person and phone

Additional Job Resources

Additional job resources, such as free job boards, can be found on our Job Links and Resources page.

If you have any problems trying to login to CareerConnect, please contact the Career Development Center at (217) 206-6508 or via email.