Web Services

The Office of Web Services oversees the primary UIS website, including the campus homepage and the top-level pages of the website, and resides within the Chancellor's Division.

The Office of Web Services is the primary developer of all official UIS websites using the WordPress Content Management System. We design, program, and develop web accessible, standards-compliant websites following the UIS Campus Web Policy. The Office of Web Services is part of the Creative Services unit.

Black History Month Projects

The Office of Web Services is proud to have conceived two Black History Month projects in collaboration with Joan Sestak, Shannon O’Brien, and Kylie Gilmore.

Nobody Knows Interactive Web Feature

Interactive section of the spiritual song “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” to mark Black History Month at UIS. “Spirituals” were songs sung by slaves and were also called “plantation songs” and “sorrow songs”. “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” is one such song.

Black History Month

Feature stories that focused on the UIS tradition of celebrating Black History Month, starting in 1973 as Black Awareness Week. The tradition continues today with current students finding ways to add their voices to the conversation. See more on the Black History Month feature web page.

Need Help?

The Office of Web Services does not maintain website content. Individuals assigned by each department or unit handle this aspect, while following standards outlined in the UIS Web Style Guide.

We have developed three official WordPress Themes (Homepage, Department/Unit, and Top Level/Recruitment) that are used by the university. We oversee 170+ department and unit websites.