Student Organization Funding Association (SOFA)

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“The Student Organization Funding Association (SOFA) is a standing committee of the Student Government Association (SGA). As a guiding body for student organizations under the SGA, this committee looks to allocate University funds to student organizations in a fair, unbiased, and efficient way, so as to promote student interaction and a positive learning environment on campus.”

For more information, please contact the Student Life Office at 206-4762 or email SOFA

SOFA Position Descriptions

2016-2017 SOFA Chair Application

SOFA Bylaws (updated 5/8/16)

SOFA Funding Request Forms

Funding request forms will be submitted through UIS Connection and will be due at 5:00pm (CST) on the Fridays listed below.

For the first time this year, no SOFA meetings will be held and student organizations will not be required to present their requests in person to the board.

Instead, funding decisions will be made by the committee using UIS Connection and will be based upon the information submitted through the UIS Connection form.

Spring 2017 Request Deadlines

January 27  @ 5:00pm

February 10 @ 5:00pm

February 24 @ 5:00pm

March 17 @ 5:00pm

March 31 @ 5:00pm

April 14 @ 5:00pm

April 28 @ 5:00pm

SOFA Graphic for Marketing

Starting Fall 2014, SOFA requires any event funded by SOFA to include recognition of SOFA’s funding. Please use the following graphic in marketing materials. To obtain file in different formats, please email SOFA