UIS Pre-Nursing

Years One and Two

Pre-nursing coursework and general education courses are completed at UIS. UIS has been ranked among the top ten regional public universities for seven years straight by U.S. News & World Report, America’s Best Colleges. The prestigious ranking reflects the strength of the student body as well as a high-quality teaching-focused academic experience. Class sizes are small and students benefit from the personal interaction with professors.

The UIS OASIS office offers individual pre-nursing counseling appointments for students who have questions regarding the application process and transferability of courses. Please call Lori Benedict at 217-206-8501 to schedule an appointment. Courses not filled in have more than one option, please see advisor for assistance.

Note: Prerequisite courses are subject to change. A current listing is available at:

Utilize transferology.com to determine the course equivalent at your institution.

Course Requirement Courses must articulate to UIC and not UIS or UIUCUIS Course EquivalentCredit Hours
English Composition or equivalentENGL 1013
ENGL 1023
Natural Sciences*
Anatomy and Physiology I (includes lab)BIO 2014
Anatomy and Physiology II (includes lab)BIO 2024
 Microbiology (lab NOT required)BIO 2313
 General Chemistry (includes lab)CHE 1414
 Organic Chemistry (includes lab)CHE 1514
General Education Courses
NutritionCLS 2253
Human Growth & Development (Lifespan)PSY 321 (PSY 201 pre-req)4
Individual and Society*PSY 201 (strongly recommended)3
US Society*SOA 101 (strongly recommended)3
 Creative Arts*
Understanding the Past*
World Cultures*
Upper Division Course*: 200+ level humanities, social science, other science course
Introduction to StatisticsMAT 1213
Electives – to total 57 credits

While the UIC College of Nursing does not admit first year students directly into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, applicants seeking admission into the Nursing Program are strongly advised to apply to UIS to complete the first phase of the program. The program can be completed in four years of full-time study and involves two phases: two years of pre-nursing general education courses and two years of professional nursing courses, which will be delivered by UIC College of Nursing Faculty in Springfield.

Pre-Nursing Admissions Process (First-Phase)

  1. On the UIS website under Future Students, use the Apply Now link to submit your application for admission. Be sure to choose the PRE-NURSING option for your Planned Course of Study and answer YES to the question that asks if you are applying to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing at UIS offered through the UIC College of Nursing.
  2. Submit your official high school transcripts and ACT/SAT scores to the UIS Office of Admissions.
  3. Submit the $50 nonrefundable application fee or fee waiver.
  4. Submit your Personal & Academic Statement.

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