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Internships and Prior Learning University of Illinois Springfield

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Internships and Prior Learning

Internships and Prior Learning (IPL) is part of the Center for Academic Success.

Invest In UIS

The three IPL programs: Internships, Prior Learning Assessment, and Service-Learning demonstrate the commitment of UIS to the principle that learning is active and can be acquired in a variety of settings.

Internships and Prior Learning Services

IPL consists of 3 programs: Internships, Prior Learning Assessment, and Service-Learning.  All 3 of these programs can allow you to earn ECCE Engagement credits and/or fulfill degree program requirements.

  • Internship Services enables students to get real-world experience in their area of study.  Students earn credit by completing the Internship Course concurrently with a field experience: either an internship or project.
  • Prior Learning Assessment gives students an opportunity to earn credit for past college-level learning.  Students earn credit by developing a portfolio about their experiences.
  • Service-Learning courses allow students to engage with the community and develop an understanding of civic responsibility by providing community service to non-profit agencies as part of their coursework.  This program also currently sponsors the Social Responsibility and Leadership Development Minor, which complements any UIS major.