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Information Technology Services University of Illinois Springfield

Accounts/Passwords: Netid

EnterpriseIDs are required to register for courses.

The UIS NetID lookup and Password change pages interact with the UI-Integrate system. Check System Status or planned outages for UI – Integrate [Banner] systems that could affect access to NetId/Password Maintenance.

Each employee and student at UIS is assigned two IDs for accessing computing resources and services, a UIS campus NetworkID [NetID] and an EnterpriseID.

The campus NetID allows access to campus specific sites and services, such as email and Blackboard. The EnterpriseID allows access to University administrative services, such as course registration, financial aid, and student accounts.

The campus NetID and the EnterpriseID in most cases look exactly alike, even though they grant access to distinctly different services. The NetID and EnterpriseID passwords may be, but are not necessarily, identical.

UIS Campus NetID and EnterpriseID Passwords

The University of Illinois Interim Security Policy requires the use of strong user passwords wherever possible. Strong passwords are required on both campus NetIDs and EnterpriseIDs. For convenience, newly created NetIDs and EnterpriseIDs will have identical, synchronized passwords. In some circumstances it is possible for the NetID and EnterpriseID passwords to become unsynchronized [no longer identical.] This does not affect the functionality or security of either the NetID or EnterpriseID, though many users find non-identical passwords less convenient. Using the UIS self-service password change page will change the passwords on both the NetID and EnterpriseID simultaneously and reestablish password synchronization.

Definition of a Strong Password

  • The password must contain at least one UPPER CASE letter.
  • The password must contain at least one LOWER CASE letter.
  • The password must contain at least one DIGIT: [ 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ]
  • Passwords cannot contain any part of your network account [username], more commonly known as your NetID
  • The password must be at least eight characters long.
  • The password cannot be any of your three previous passwords.
  • The password cannot contain any common word or proper name greater than three characters in length.
  • Passwords must be changed at least once every 365 days.

An effective method of constructing a strong password is to create an abbreviation for a phrase that is unique to you. For example, from the phrase “I kicked my computer 23 times today”, you could form the password “Ikmc23tt” by using the first letter of each word. This password meets all the criteria for a strong password.

Examples of Valid and Invalid Passwords

Please note that both the number zero ‘0’ and the uppercase letter ‘O’ are used in the following examples.


  • W0rry2mu(h
  • Di@blo99
  • he!!02YOU


  • $Spring2003 [It contains the word ‘spring’.]
  • If6was9 [It is less than 8 characters in length.]
  • 02dec81 [It does not contain an UPPER case letter.]
  • Pa**wo~d [It does not contain a digit and common words such as ‘password’, ‘secret’, and ‘security’, as well as parts of your name, address, and department should never be used as passwords or in passwords.]

After you change your campus NetID password, you may need to log back on to any authenticated network services you may be using, such as Outlook. If you are already logged on to a computer [on campus] you need to log off and back on to access authenticated resources, such as Outlook and printer shares.

Reset Password

Stored Passwords (on laptops, tablets, phones, etc)

Changing your password will update your credentials for logging into University resources, including webmail, Blackboard, Box, Lync, connecting to the wireless network, etc. You may have devices (laptops, tablets, phones) that have stored passwords. Shortly after resetting your password (e.g. within 24 hours), some services and devices will challenge you to enter your password. This occurs due to your locally cached (old) password no longer matching your newly reset password. When your password is reset, you will need to log back in to these resources to save the new password. Depending on the device, you may get a notification to re-enter your password; however, not all devices provide a notification. Please contact ITS Client Services for assistance, if needed.

Available Methods


Regardless of whether you currently know your password, you can reset it at our password reset page by submitting identifying information for authentication purposes. You will be asked for the following information: UIN, Name, Birth Date, Gender and Social Security Number OR TCN. Once your information is verified a web link is provided to allow you to change your password.

In Person

ITS Client Services can assist you with password changes by visiting the Media Lab located on campus in the lower level of Brookens Library. You will need to provide us with your University Identification Card and the other information noted above.

Special Cases [Emeritus Faculty, Generic Department Accounts]

Certain accounts, such as emeritus faculty and generic UIS Department Network IDs are not able to use the online method to reset account passwords due to problems with verification. If you believe you are affected by this you will need to do the following to get the account password reset:

Emeritus Faculty can contact ITS Client Services by phone [217.206.6000] or email [] requesting the password change. ITS Client Services personnel will contact you for verification purposes.
Generic Department

Accounts can be reset by email request to ITS Client Services from the head of the department who uses that account.


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