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UIS students on campusWelcome. The UIS Student Insurance Plan is an affordable, high-quality insurance program, designed to meet the needs of our students.  Any student taking ANY on campus or blended classes is automatically enrolled in student insurance and assessed a fee each semester, with optional coverage for dependents.

Please be aware that if you already have insurance through another provider, you must complete a waiver once per academic year.  

Please Note: Students enrolled in only online courses are not eligible for student insurance.  The only exception is during the summer term when students who were assessed the student insurance plan during the previous spring semester are allowed to ‘continue’ their coverage even if enrolled only online for summer, or if not taking any courses for summer.  To continue their coverage these students must use a separate form, and make payment to the university cashier, as the insurance cannot be automatically assessed to their student account.  The office of Student Insurance maintains this form, and posts it only during appropriate times.

Please visit to see the brochure for detailed information about the student insurance plan or to look for in-network providers.  The website contains useful information regarding the plan, providers, and even information about the optional dental coverage available through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Students who have completed registration and have had their tuition and fees assessed will start receiving emails starting the week of August 8th with instructions to complete the waiver.  ALL students will be advised by email regarding the official waiver opening date, which will be August 15th.  The waiver will remain open until September 25th.  Please read your UIS Student Email for further details regarding both enrollment and waiver information.


UIS Student Insurance Waiver, Fall 2016



If you were assessed for the UIS Student Insurance plan but you are covered by other insurance, please note that the waiver is closed, and you will remain assessed for the UIS Student Insurance for Summer 2016.  Your next opportunity to complete a waiver will be during the Fall term (the start of the next academic year), if you are taking on-ground classes.  Additional information will be provided when the Fall waiver is open.

Summer 2016 Student Insurance coverage began 06/01/2016, and will continue through 08/15/2016.


Since approved waivers are valid for one full academic year (August to following August), please remember that should you lose your private source of health insurance and decide to retract a previously filed waiver, you will need to contact the office of Student Insurance immediately to obtain the required paperwork. 


Student Health Insurance Fees per semester for the 2015-2016 School Year


Summer Semester (June 1st through August 15th, 2016):  $278


Student Health Insurance Fees per semester for the 2016-2017 School Year

Fall Semester (August 16th, 2016 through January 9th, 2017) $598

Spring Semester (January 10th through May 31st, 2017):  $598

Summer Semester (June 1st through August 15th, 2017):  $334


Student Health Plan Coverage Dates

  • Fall semester coverage dates: August 16 – January 9
  • Spring semester coverage dates: January 10 – May 31
  • Summer semester coverage dates: June 1 – August 15  



UIS Student Insurance 


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