Student Insurance

UIS students on campusWelcome. The UIS Student Insurance Plan is an affordable, high-quality insurance program, designed to meet the needs of our students.  Any student taking ANY on campus or blended classes is automatically enrolled in student insurance and assessed a fee each semester, with optional coverage for dependents.

Please be aware that if you already have insurance through another provider, you must complete a waiver.  Please see the waiver section below for more details.

Please Note: Students enrolled in only online courses are not eligible for student insurance.  The only exception is during the summer term when students who were assessed the student insurance plan during the previous spring semester are allowed to ‘continue’ their coverage even if enrolled only online for summer, or if not taking any courses for summer.  To continue their coverage these students must use a separate form, and make payment to the university cashier, as the insurance cannot be automatically assessed to their student account.  The office of Student Insurance maintains this form, and posts it only during appropriate times.

Please visit to see the brochure for detailed information about the student insurance plan or to look for in-network providers.




*Please note-you must be registered for classes before you will have waiver login capability with Academic Health Plans. 


Approved waivers are valid for one full academic year (August to following August).  Should you lose your private source of health insurance and decide to retract a previously filed waiver contact the office of Student Insurance immediately to obtain the required paperwork. 


Exemption/Waiver Forms

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Exemption forms beginning with the Fall 2015 semester will be done online through a website provided by the new Student Insurance provider, Academic HealthPlans.  All UIS students will need to file their waiver annually.  If you have had a waiver on file for the 2014-2015 academic year, you will need to complete updated waiver online for the 2015-2016 academic year.
  • Once the Office of Student Insurance informs the campus that the waiver for the academic year 2015-2016 is online and live, students should be able to login.  Keep in mind that UIS must first send your student data to Academic HealthPlans for upload into their system.  If you experience difficulty logging in, please attempt again at a later time as your data may have not yet been sent, but prior to the posted deadline of SEPTEMBER 25TH, 2015.

Online Insurance Waiver Process:

  1. Have insurance card and school ID# (Banner UIN) ready, and follow on-screen instructions to complete the waiver.
  2. Use link below to access Academic HealthPlans and click “waive online” in the Enrollment column
  3. Enter your Banner UIN as the Student ID information, using your Birthdate as the Password, format MMDDYYYY.
  4. A clear photo upload of your insurance card FRONT and BACK is required in order to process and approve your waiver.  Waivers submitted missing this key component of data will be denied.
  5. A confirmation email indicating that your waiver has been received by Academic Health Plans will be sent to you.  If any additional information is required in order for Academic Health Plans to process or approve your waiver, they will let you know by email.  Please take note of this and do not ignore correspondence from Academic Health Plans or Student Insurance!

Click here for Academic HealthPlans information and online waiver form.  If you are having difficulties accessing this link, please use alternate link

Student Health Insurance Fees per semester for the 2015-2016 School Year

Fall Semester (August 16th, 2015 through January 9th, 2016) $495

Spring Semester (January 10th through May 31st, 2016):  $495

Summer Semester (June 1st through August 15th, 2016):  $278

Student Health Plan Coverage Dates

  • Fall semester coverage dates: August 16 – January 9
  • Spring semester coverage dates: January 10 – May 31
  • Summer semester coverage dates: June 1 – August 15  





UIS Student Insurance 

Amy M. Gurnitz
Human Resources Representative

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The deadline to submit an Appeal for Fall 2015 is October 16th, 2015.  After this date, no appeals will be considered.

Student Insurance Fee Appeal Procedure (pdf)