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Spring 2018 Student Insurance Waiver is Now Open

For students who have been assessed the spring student insurance fee of $516, the waiver website is now open here: Spring 2018 Waiver

Domestic students will click on the DOMESTIC STUDENTS: Submit your 2017-18 Spring Waiver Request.

For international students who have insurance they feel may meet the criteria for waiving out of the UIS plan, you will click on the INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Submit your 2017-18 Spring Waiver Request link at the bottom of the page. Please read ALL of the information preceding the link before you attempt to fill out the waiver to ensure your insurance meets the necessary factors for approval.

The waiver will stay open through February 28th at 11:59 pm.

If you’ve submitted a waiver in the fall of 2017, that waiver extends through August 15th, 2018 – there is no need for you to fill one out for spring.


Graduate Continuation Insurance


If you are graduating this fall semester, 2017, and wish to continue your UIS student insurance plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield, there is an option to enroll in graduate continuation insurance for up to an additional 3 months. Follow the link below to access the form:


Graduate Continuation Form


Enrollment is simple – print the two-page form, complete it with the relevant information, and if you’re paying by check, you’ll mail the form to the address listed. If you’re paying with a credit or debit card, you’ll fax it to the AHP secure fax line: 1-855-858-1964


This continuation plan can only be enrolled in if you’ve been:

  1. Covered by UIS student insurance for a continuous 6 months prior to your graduation. In this particular instance, it means you would need to have been covered during the summer 2017 semester as well as fall 2017.
  2. Enrollment needs to occur within 30 days of losing your UIS student insurance (for fall, the plan ends 1/9/2017).


Coverage Information

The UIS Student Insurance Plan is an affordable, high-quality insurance program, designed to meet the needs of our students.  Any students taking any on campus or blended courses are automatically enrolled in student insurance and assessed a fee each semester, with optional coverage for dependents.


Fully online students are not eligible for the student insurance and will not be charged the fee, nor do they need to do the waiver.


Please be aware that if you already have insurance through another provider, you must complete a waiver once per academic year.  



Optional Adult Dental Coverage

Students who are interested in optional dental coverage may enroll by filling out this form.

If you have any questions about filling out the form, where to mail it, or anything else regarding the optional dental enrollment process, please contact Academic Health Plans directly at 855-856-3549.

Review Your Insurance Policy

All Students should review their insurance plan.  Please visit Academic Health Plans to review your policy.  The AHP website can be used to find information about providers, prescriptions, optional dental coverage, discounts and more!

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More Information about Blue365 Discounts

Blue365 EyeMed Discount Vision Program

Blue365 Davis Vision Program

Blue365 Discounts


Student Health Insurance Fees per semester for the 2017-2018 School Year

Fall Semester (August 16th, 2017 through January 9th, 2018) $516

Spring Semester (January 10th through May 31st, 2018):  $516

Summer Semester (June 1st through August 15th, 2018):  $286

  • Students will have the option of enrolling in the insurance plan manually during the summer semester, even if they are taking a fully online schedule or aren’t enrolled in summer classes. We will have forms available for this enrollment in May and June.


Student Health Plan Coverage Dates

  • Fall semester coverage dates: August 16 – January 9
  • Spring semester coverage dates: January 10 – May 31
  • Summer semester coverage dates: June 1 – August 15  



UIS Student Insurance
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