Health and Inspiration

Title: Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations
Host: Oprah Winfrey
Content: Featuring captivating guests and addressing topics like mental health, chronic pain and other life issues, this podcast is uplifting in many ways.

Title: How to Fail
Host: Elizabeth Day
Content: Failure is on the continuum of success, which you’ll realize as you hear stories of roadblocks that became mere detours to a better outcome.

Title: Feel Better, Live More
Host: Dr. Rangan Chatterjee
Content: Informative, relevant and backed by Dr. Chatterjee’s 16 years as a general practitioner, this podcast serves up a weekly dose of fact-based health advice.

Career ‘Casts

Title: Squiggly Careers
Hosts: Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper
Content: The founders of the Amazing If consultancy, Sarah and Helen, provide this podcast to help you focus on taking control of your career by offering actionable advice.

Title: The School of Greatness
Host: Lewis Howes
Content: This top-ranked Business and Self-Development podcast features interviews with world-class game changers in various industries. Past guests have included Alanis Morissette, Scooter Braun, Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington.

Title: The Career Hacking Podcast
Host: Max Altschuler
Content: Created for college educated, ambitious, office workforce-driven Millennials, guests include wildly successful Millennials with unique stories, as well as individuals with valuable expertise.

Title: Pivot Podcast with Jenny Blake
Host: Jenny Blake
Content: “If change is the only constant, let’s get better at it.” And that sums up Jenny’s podcast. Topics include facing fear head-on, overcoming insecurities, identifying your own superpowers and knowing how to leverage them.

Title: Good Life Project
Hosts: Various
Content: Discover how to live a life that’s fully engaged, fiercely connected and drenched with meaning. Features inspiring, intimate stories from brilliant minds like Elizabeth Gilbert, Brené Brown, Glennon Doyle and Seth Godin.

Title: PhD Career Stories
Hosts: Tina Persson, PhD (and friends)
Content: Dr. Tina Persson has coached numerous recent PhDs on their journey to find success and happiness. With more than 100 podcasts (and counting), 76 speakers from over 20 countries have shared their personal post-PhD journeys.


Title: Comedy Bang! Bang!
Host: Scott Aukerman
Content: Part improve. Part live character study. Always hilarious.

Title: With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus
Host: Lauren Lapkus
Content: Instead of serving as host, Lauren is a different guest each week. Sounds weird, but it works.

Title: How Did This Get Made?
Hosts: Jason Mantzoukas, June Diane Raphael and Paul Scheer
Content: Nope, it’s not an instruction guide for making stuff. It’s hilarious commentary about bad movies that probably shouldn’t have been made.

Title: Entry Level
Host: Brooks Whelan
Content: He’s not afraid to laugh about the not-so-great parts of some jobs so that you can find humor in your own daily life.

Title: Bodega Boys
Hosts: Desus Nice and The Kid Mero
Content: This duo is all about repping the Bronx and delivering sharp pop culture commentary.

Title: Office Ladies
Hosts: Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey
Content: You might know them as Pam and Angela from The Office. Now you can get to know the actresses with behind-the-scenes secrets about the show.


Title: LeVar Burton Reads
Host: LeVar Burton (The Reading Rainbow and Star Trek)
Content: Enjoy LeVar’s soothing voice as he reads short fiction from authors such as Toni Morrison, Kurt Vonnegut and Ken Lui.

Title: My Wardrobe Malfunction
Host: Susannah Constantine (What Not to Wear and Trinny & Susannah)
Content: Sometimes you just want to talk about something less consequential. This podcast fits the bill with fashion faux pas and outfits-gone-wrong.

Title: Revisiting
Hosts: Laura K and Laura G
Content: Zoom back to the 2010’s when Motorola Razrs were hot and people smelled like Abercrombie’s Fierce. Silly and nostalgic this transports your mind to simpler times.

Happy listening!