Student Union

The new UIS Student Union will be the social heart of campus for students. In this signature building, so full of light and activity, students will interact with each other and with faculty, staff, and visitors, creating a vibrant and thriving focal point for life at UIS.

A message from the Chancellor

The Student Union at UIS will create a more vibrant campus life for students—and for faculty and staff. With so much to offer students, the Student Union will propel enrollment growth, and by drawing all of us into a closer community, it will help to keep students at UIS until they finish their degree. This beautiful building will also welcome community members to campus and provide a bright, spacious, and comfortable location for events, varied dining options, and social gatherings.

As you explore the information, photographs, renderings, and so much more included in this website, please be aware that state funds cannot be used for this vital project, and consider how you can support this crucial and strategically planned addition to Springfield’s public university.

Student Union Groundbreaking Event

First group with shovels

On Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 10:30 a.m., the University of Illinois Springfield broke ground on its first-ever student union building, a $21.7 million project. University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen joined UIS Chancellor Susan Koch, and Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder for the groundbreaking ceremony.

Pictured above: Saul Morse, Anne Morgan, Dominique Wilson, Josh Lawson, James Langfelder, U of I President Timothy Killeen, UIS Chancellor Susan J. Koch, Clarice Ford, Evelyn Brandt Thomas, Karen Hasara, Jack Dolan, Mark Staley, U of I Board of Trustees Chair Edward L. McMillan.

Slide show of new Student Union images available

Take a look!

View of patio from the north

Latest Student Union live camera action!

May 23, 2016 at 1:30: Heavy equipment on site

May 23, 2016

Someone who understands construction explained what is happening in the above shot:

They are putting in the deep foundation by constructing the concrete piles.  This type of foundation system is also called caissons, drilled shafts, drilled piers, of cast-in-drilled-hole piles (CIDH piles).  Basically a borehole is drilled into the ground and concrete (and often some sort of reinforcing – we are using steel bars) isSketch of underground construction poured into the borehole to form the pile.  They are using a rotary boring technique with the large crane and large auger you are seeing to drill the large diameter holes for the concrete piles.  Given the specific conditions of the Student Union’s site, makeup of the soil, building structure and loads, they are drilling down to two feet below the start of the hard shale strata (about 20 feet down).  The big metal tubes you will see being lowered into the holes when the concrete is poured are called casing and they are used to prohibit the sides of the borehole from sloughing off/caving in before concrete is poured. Once the drilled pier foundations are in place you will see them pouring concrete grade beams to connect the piers on which the structure will sit.  When the steel goes up the large steel columns will sit directly on the drilled piers/piles.