Department of English

The English department at UIS offers the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees, and an undergraduate minor in English. Students can take courses on campus or online.

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Calendar of Events

1/30: Sarah Einstein – 7PM (Great Room – Lincoln Residence Hall).

2/19: Natalie Shapero reading – 7PM (Great Room – Lincoln Residence Hall).

2/22: Janice Harrington – 2PM (Vachel Lindsay House).

3/6: Stuart Dybek – 7PM (Brookens Auditorium).

3/8: Monica Berlin and Beth Marzoni – 2PM (Vachel Lindsay House).

4/3: Jericho Brown – 7PM (Brookens Auditorium).

5/3: Simone Muench – 2PM (Vachel Lindsay House).


Sports and Games – Dr. Meagan Cass

Graphic Novels and Global Issues – Dr. Lan Dong

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