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Department of Biology University of Illinois Springfield

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Faculty Contact Information

Full-time Biology Faculty

James BonacumDr. James Bonacum
Associate Professor of Biology
Ph.D. Biology, Yale University

Phone: (217) 206-6035
Office: HSB 231

Areas of Expertise: Genetics and molecular biology

Hua ChenDr. Hua Chen
Biology Department Chair

Associate Professor of Biology
Ph.D. Forest Ecology, Oregon State University


Phone: (217) 206-8339
Office: HSB 230

Areas of Expertise: Effects of land-use change, climate change, and disturbance on terrestrial carbon and nitrogen dynamics across various spatial scales using a combination of field experiments, simulation modeling, remote sensing, and GIS

Picture of Dr. Mike LemkeDr. Michael Lemke
Professor of Biology
Ph.D. Biological Sciences – Limnology, Michigan Technological University

Phone: (217) 206-7339
Office: HSB 227

Areas of Expertise: Microbial ecology, general microbiology, aquatic ecology

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Amy McEuenDr. Amy B. McEuen
Associate Professor of Biology
Ph.D. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Phone: (217) 206-7341
Office: HSB 229

Area of Expertise: Ecology

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profDr. Richard Pamenter
Biology Instructor
Ph.D. Physiology, University of Arizona

Phone: (217) 206-8367
Office: HSB 228

Area of Expertise: Endocrinology and metabolism with a special emphasis on bone biology across life span

Dr. Kanwal Alvarez
Assistant Professor of Biology

Phone: 206-8567
Office: HSB 226

Department Affiliate

Dr. Stephen Johnson
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Ph.D. Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Pharmacology

Phone: (217) 206-7336
Office: HSB 311

Dr. Stephen Johnson


Associated Faculty

Keenan DungeyDr. Keenan Dungey
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Phone: (217) 206-7345
Office: HSB 312

Area of Expertise: Inorganic materials chemistry

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Dr. Leon C. Hinz Jr.
Division of Ecology and Conservation Science
Section of Aquatic Ecology and Conservation, Illinois Natural History Survey
Ph.D. Aquatic Ecology and Resource Management, University of Michigan

Phone: 217 785-8297

Dr. Hong Qian
Curator of Botany, Illinois State Museum
Ph.D Biogeography, University of British Columbia

Phone: 217 782-2621

Dr. Lucia Vazquez
Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor of Biology
Lucia VazquezPh.D. Cornell University

Phone: 217 206-7337
Office: HSB 225

Areas of Expertise: Plant systematics, evolutionary biology, plant ecology

Jim VeselenakDr. James Veselenak
Associate Professor of Clinical Lab Science and Public Health

Phone: 217 206-7346

Areas of Expertise: Medical microbiology, mycology

Dr. Chris Widga
Assistant Curator of Geology, Illinois State Museum
Ph.D. University of Kansas

Phone: 217 785-4844

Emeriti Faculty

  • Dr. Gary Butler
  • Dr. Nada Chang
  • Dr. Ann M. Larson
  • Dr. Gary Trammell