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More students attending UIS this fall

September 13, 2005

SPRINGFIELD – The University of Illinois at Springfield has experienced an increase in enrollment this fall fueled by a larger number of students taking coursework online as well as growth in the Capital Scholars Honors Program, UIS’ four-year baccalaureate program for highly qualified students.

Marya Leatherwood, Director of Enrollment Management, reported that there are a total of 4,517 students attending UIS this fall, a 2.8 percent increase over last fall’s 4,396 (2,634 undergraduates and 1,883 graduate students).  “The increase is largely due to strong interest in the Capital Scholars Program, in which we have enrolled a record number of well qualified students this fall (138),” she said.  “Online enrollments also continue to be strong at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, growing 36.5 percent over last fall.”

Ray Schroeder, Director of Technology-Enhanced Learning, said 1,679 students are taking at least one online class offered by UIS this fall and 743 students are enrolled in the university’s 10 fully online degree programs. “Online learning continues to grow as more and more students around the state of Illinois, the country, and the world recognize the quality of the online degree programs at UIS,” Schroeder said.

The bright enrollment picture also shows 1,327 new students enrolled at UIS this fall (673 undergraduates, 516 graduate students, and 138 Capital Scholars).  Leatherwood said five of the new students had been enrolled at Tulane University and Xavier University in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina closed those universities for at least the fall semester. She said the displaced students are from the Springfield area.

In addition, an enrollment trend of more UIS students taking heavier course loads more credit hours) continues this fall at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students at the undergraduate level are considered fulltime when they take 16 or more credit hours per semester. Graduate students are fulltime when they take 12 or more credit hours.

The highest enrolled bachelor’s degree programs are psychology, business administration, liberal studies, and criminal justice. The highest enrolled master’s degree programs are educational leadership, computer science, management information systems, and the master of business administration.  UIS’ two teacher education minors that lead to initial Illinois certification at the elementary or secondary level have higher enrollments this fall than any academic program at UIS.  Students who pursue those minors must also major in a degree program at UIS such as English, history, math, or any of the university’s 21 bachelor’s degree programs.

The increase in enrollment has put student housing at about full capacity, with approximately 800 students living in UIS’ on-campus apartments, townhouses, and Lincoln Residence Hall.  “We’re about 98 percent full,” said John Ringle, Director of UIS Housing.


    The University of Illinois at Springfield, one of three U of I campuses, is a small, public liberal arts university that offers 42 degree programs – 21 bachelor’s, 20 master’s, and the Doctorate of Public Administration. UIS has a special mission in public affairs and service and is known for extraordinary internships, a wireless campus, extensive online offerings, and a commitment to teaching.