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UIS announces plans to enroll students affected by hurricane

September 2, 2005
revised September 6, 2005

SPRINGFIELD – The University of Illinois at Springfield announced today that it is prepared to immediately welcome students who were enrolled and planning to attend fall classes at colleges and universities now closed in areas ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.

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Marya Leatherwood, UIS Director of Enrollment Management, said students affected by the hurricane who wish to continue their education uninterrupted should contact the UIS Office of Admissions as soon as possible to make arrangements.  She said that UIS professors are currently examining all courses for the capacity to accept additional students this fall.

“There is only one appropriate response in this situation and that is to make every effort to accommodate these students who have had their plans for college this year completely disrupted,” said UIS Chancellor Richard D. Ringeisen.  “They need a safe environment, and an affordable alternative, and we pledge our help in that regard.”

According to Leatherwood, affected students can enroll in classes at UIS and attend in one of two ways:  on campus in Springfield or through the university’s extensive online learning program. “Students will be conditionally-admitted for up to one year. Ultimately, we will work with them to transfer earned credit to their previous college or university once that becomes feasible or work with them to complete their education at UIS,” she said.

“UIS will waive all late registration and application fees for these affected students, and they will be charged in-state tuition,” Leatherwood said.  However, if these students have already paid tuition for the fall semester at their home institution, UIS will waive tuition charges for this semester.

UIS offers 21 bachelor’s degree and 20 master’s degree programs and extensive online course offerings.  Admissions counselors will help students identify appropriate courses to continue their studies this fall.

UIS also has some capacity to house affected students in on-campus apartments and townhouses, according to John Ringle, UIS Director of Housing.  “We are prepared to guide interested students to options for on-campus housing and for Springfield area housing as well,” he said.

Students affected by Hurricane Katrina who are interested in enrolling at UIS should contact the Office of Admissions at 217/206-4847 or admissions@uis.edu.



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