FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                              Date:  September 10, 2002

Contact:  Donna McCracken, 206-6716



UIS grants and awards approach $7 million for fiscal year 2002

SPRINGFIELD -- Grants and contracts acquired by the University of Illinois at Springfield totaled nearly $7 million in fiscal year 2002, which ended June 30. The exact figure, $6.8 million, was up slightly from the $6.5 million received the previous year. These awards resulted from nearly $10.3 million in funding proposals submitted to federal, state, and local government, not-for-profit organizations, and corporations by UIS project directors from all four colleges; the Institute for Public Affairs; Continuing Education, Sangamon Auditorium, and other entities within the division of Academic Affairs; and the division of Student Affairs.  Of 78 proposals submitted by UIS in FY 02, 61 received awards.

Three units of the Institute for Public Affairs -- recently redesignated the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Center for Governmental Studies -- each received more than $1 million in funding in FY 02. They were the Center for Legal Studies, the Graduate Public Service Internship Program (both more than $1.4 million), and Office of Policy and Administrative Studies (OPAS), nearly $2 million.

“Last year was a very productive one for the Institute,” noted Interim Executive Director Ernest Cowles. “Our projects received funding from state agencies ranging from the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, to the state Board of Education, Department of Human Services, and Historic Preservation Agency.” OPAS, the Institute’s highest grossing unit,

received awards that ranged from almost $950,000 from Human Services to study compulsive


gambling to more than $5,000 from the American Lung Association to study the quality of indoor air in schools and daycare centers.

Other significant awards received by UIS offices include $117,000 from the Illinois Board of Higher Education to underwrite the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs’ ongoing efforts in the Illinois Articulation Initiative, a statewide agreement designed to allow students to transfer general education credit, as well as credit earned in select majors, between participating institutions. UIS has taken part in IAI since 1998.

The Center for Legal Studies received $251,904 from the state Historic Preservation Agency for its Lincoln Legal Papers Project; the IPA received $331,000 from the IBHE for planning for the Lincoln Center for Governmental Studies; the campus Child Care Center received $276,100 from Human Services for the purchase of materials to enhance the quality of its programs; and the Biology program received $279,914 from the Department of Transportation for its study of nutrient dynamics in the LaGrange Wetlands.

UIS’ student intern programs and education awards continued to receive strong support as well. The Graduate Public Service Internship Program received more than $1.4 million from various sources, the Illinois Legislative Staff Internship Program received over $550,000 from the Legislative Research Unit, and the Applied Study Office received $90,000 from the IBHE for the Illinois Cooperative Work Study program. Combined with matching funds from employers, the work study grant makes approximately 50 paid applied study placements available to UIS students.

The state of Illinois remained the top funder for UIS projects, accounting for 92 percent of the total. Other funding sources included the federal government (2.7 percent), corporations (2.4 percent), and not-for-profit organizations (2.2 percent).