FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                              September 7, 2001

Contact:  Michelle Green


UIS fall enrollment projections show “significant” increase 

SPRINGFIELD – Enrollment numbers will not be final until next week, but early figures indicate UIS will show a nearly 9 percent increase in enrollment this fall, the largest increase in many years.

This is tremendous news for UIS but not totally surprising,” said Richard D. Ringeisen, Chancellor. “Any time you add new programs and improve services, students will respond and we have done both of those things. In addition, we are building a campus environment that nurtures scholars but also has a more collegial feel. Without a doubt, there is a new energy here.”

As of Friday, September 7, there were 4,284 students enrolled, an increase of 342 students or 8.7%.  Last fall’s enrollment was 3,942 students. The total FTE (full time equivalent) number is 2,580, which is up 329 students or 14.6 percent, over last year. Students registered for a total 35,681 credit hours, up 4,478 or 14.4 percent over last fall.

We have 116 first year students in the new Capital Scholars program, but that number accounts for only about a third of our enrollment increase, said Ringeisen. The other 200+ new students represent a jump in the number of transfer juniors and seniors and graduate students, including a significant increase in online course enrollments. These students make up our core student body and to see their numbers increase is extremely gratifying.”

Changes at UIS this fall include a new residence hall and comprehensive new food service for the first time in the university’s history, improved technology and wireless capabilities, an identification or “I-card” that allows students to pay for food, books, copying, vending and other services without using cash, and more.

The numbers may change slightly, up or down, when our official count is taken mid-next week but we don’t anticipate losing any ground,” said Ringeisen. “Clearly, we are attracting more students and they are coming because they are interested in our small college environment, the personal attention they receive from faculty and the quality programs that we offer.  It feels wonderful to be on an upswing that we predict will positively impact our enrollment next fall and beyond.”