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UIS holds annual Faculty Recognition Luncheon

October 10, 2005

SPRINGFIELD – Outstanding accomplishments of faculty at the University of Illinois at Springfield were recognized at the thirteenth Faculty Recognition Luncheon, held October 6 in the Public Affairs Center at UIS. The annual event recognizes the scholarly achievements of current and emeriti faculty for the previous calendar year.

The program pays tribute to faculty members for achievements in such areas as research, published articles and other writing, creative works, grants, book reviews, and professional presentations.

Following are award categories and the faculty members who were recognized.

University Scholar: Keenan Dungey

Articles: Feng-Shun (Leo) Bin, Peter Boltuc, Leonard Branson, Sviatoslav Braynov, Leanne Brecklin, Barbara Burkhardt, Hei-Chi Chan, Scott Day, Kamyar Dezhgosha, Sharon Graf, Rassule Hadidi, Taiebeh Hosseinali, Carol Jessup, Sharron Lafollette, Xiaoqing Li, Paul McDevitt, Amy McEuen, Ronald McNeil, Keith Miller, Sandra Mills, Karen Moranski, Meredith Newman, Margaret Noe, Phillip Paludan, Amir Parssian, Jonathan Perkins, William Phillips, Dennis Rendleman, Beverly Rivera, Elaine Rundle-Schwark, Nancy Scannell, Anthony Sisneros, Chung-Hsien Sung, Tih-Fen Ting, Gary Trammell, Lucia Vazquez, Douglas Woken 

Books: John Knoepfle, Rosina Neginsky, Nancy Perkins 

Book Chapters: Sviatoslav Braynov, Lynn Fisher, Barbara Hayler, Keith Miller, Karen Moranski, Meredith Newman 

Books Edited: Karen Moranski 

Book Reviews: Jeffrey Chesky, Keenan Dungey, Hilary Frost-Kumpf, Rassule Hadidi, Larry Livingston, Karen Moranski, Phillip Paludan, Carolyn Peck, Anthony Sisneros 

Creative Works: Sharon Graf, Mike Miller, Rosina Neginsky, Nancy Perkins, Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson 

Invited Lectures: Peter Boltuc, Sviatoslav Braynov, Michael Lemke, Phillip Paludan, Hammed Shahidian 

Presentations: Feng-Shun (Leo) Bin, Peter Boltuc, Leonard Branson, Sviatoslav Braynov, Leanne Brecklin, Beverly Bunch, Barbara Burkhardt, Gary Butler, Patricia Byrnes, Hei-Chi Chan, Julie Chapman, Sara Cordell, Scott Day, Heather Dell, Janis Droegkamp, Keenan Dungey, Dyanne Ferk, Lynn Fisher, Nancy Forth, Mary P. Frier, Sharon Graf, Rassule Hadidi, Barbara Hayler, Carol Jessup, Sharron Lafollette, Michael Lemke, Xiaoqing Li, Ronald McNeil, Ielleen Miller, Keith Miller, Sandra Mills, Ted Mims, Bonnie Moe, Karen Moranski, Rosina Neginsky, Laurel Newman, Meredith Newman, Cindy Nimchuk, Margaret Noe, John Nosari, David O’Gorman, Kenneth Oldfield, James Ottery, Sangeeta Parameshwar, Lynn Pardie, Carolyn Peck, Jonathan Perkins, Mark Puclik, Carol Rankin, Dennis Rendleman, Hazel Rozema, Pamela Salela, Nancy Scannell, Hammed Shahidian, Chung-Hsien Sung, Gary Trammell, Annette Van Dyke, Pinky Wassenberg, Cynthia Wilson, Douglas Woken, Robert Wright, Jingyu Zhang 

Research Reports: Patricia Byrnes 

Other: Rachell Anderson, Barbara Burkhardt, Sharon Graf, Jacqueline Jackson, Carol Jessup, Ielleen Miller, Meredith Newman, Carolyn Peck, Nancy Perkins, Cynthia Wilson


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