FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                     Date: November 12, 2002

Contact: Cheryl D. Peck




Prominent UIS alums to participate in Leadership Roundtable



            SPRINGFIELD – Several distinguished University of Illinois at Springfield alumni from across the nation will participate in the second annual UIS Leadership Roundtable on Thursday and Friday, November 14 and 15, at the university.

The roundtable will bring to UIS the following prominent alumni:

 Vince T. Demuzio, State Senator and Assistant Minority Leader, Illinois General Assembly (BA, 1981; MA, 2002); Gordon S. Heddell, Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Labor (MA, 1975); Linda N. Ezell, Program Coordinator for the Smithsonian Institute, National Air and Space Museum (BA, 1974); Linda Renee Baker, Secretary of Human Services, State of Illinois (BA, 1985; MA, 1987); Karen Hasara, Mayor of Springfield (BA, 1972; MA, 1992); Randall L. Schilling, President and CEO of Quilogy, Inc., St. Charles, Missouri (MBA, 1989).

John D. Blackburn, CEO, Country Insurance and Financial Services, Lincoln (MA, 1979; James A. Downing, President, Illinois Venture Capital Association (MBA, 1999); Randall F. Dunn, Vice President, Navix Imaging, Inc., Southwest Florida Regional Imaging (BA, 1973; MA, 1974); W. Robert Felker, President and Chief Operating Officer, Banc One Capital Markets, Chicago (BA, 1974); Paul W. Horning, II, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley, Atlanta, Georgia (BA, 1976; MBA, 1981); Michael A. Dunbar, Coordinator, Art in Architecture, Capital Development Board, Springfield (MA, 1976); Kathleen D. Gowin, Senior Vice President, Bank of America, Charlotte, North Carolina (MBA, 1987).

 James D. LaRocca, Jr., Vice President, Limited Logistics Services, Inc., Columbus, Ohio (BA, 1974); David B. Monson, President Foxboro Enterprises, Inc., Kansas City (BA, 1972; MA); Pam McDonough, Director, Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs (MA, 1989); Thomas E. Livingston, Executive Director, Illinois Medical District Commission, Chicago (MPA, 1997); John L. Rogers, Founder, American Centre for Asian Commerce, Chicago, Shanghai, China (BA, 1976); and Thom M. Serafin, CEO, Serafin & Associates, Inc., Chicago (BA, 1973; MA, 1993).

The participants will discuss the realities and challenges of the global marketplace and ways in which UIS can best prepare its students to assume positions of leadership in their careers.  Student life issues and building a legacy for UIS students will be the subject of a roundtable discussion on Friday morning.

“UIS is very fortunate to have among its alumni many extraordinary leaders in business and public service,” said UIS Chancellor Richard Ringeisen.  “These people are willing to share their experience and expertise with us on the topic of leadership and the challenges they have faced throughout their careers.”

On Thursday, the participants will meet with faculty and student groups, view demonstrations of technology at UIS and hear presentations about how it affects the education of students, visit with the deans of their respective colleges, and take part in a panel discussion on the topic of “Legacy.”

On Friday, the participants will hear a debate by the UIS student forensics team on whether leaders are born or made. They will then take part in breakout discussions on student life issues and building a legacy for UIS students.  At noon, a presentation will be given on the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Center for Governmental Studies followed by a discussion about the role of the National Commission on the Future of UIS.

The roundtable is made possible through a gift from Quilogy, Inc., a premier professional services company offering a broad range of financial, educational, healthcare, manufacturing and governmental solutions for middle market companies. Headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, the company has 16 offices nationwide.