FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                Date: November 9, 2001

         Contact: Donna McCracken, 206-6716

UIS to air live discussion of America’s response to terrorism

SPRINGFIELD – The University of Illinois at Springfield will televise a live discussion of “Understanding America=s Response to Terrorism” on ACCESS 4, Springfield=s community access channel, at 7 p.m. Sunday, November 18.  The program will originate from the Television Office on the UIS campus.

Steve Schwark, associate professor of Political Studies, will moderate a panel including Hilary Frost-Kumpf, assistant professor of Public Administration; Leroy Wehrle, professor emeritus of Economics and Environmental Studies; Baker Siddiquee, associate professor of Economics; and Proshanta Nandi, professor of Sociology.

The panelists will introduce a series of questions dealing with issues surrounding their areas of expertise relative to the events of September 11. Among the topics under discussion will be geographical issues in Central Asia, United States foreign policy in the Middle East, the history and implications of U.S. foreign policy, values inherent to Islam, and issues involving the ideology of non-violence.

The program will then be opened to questions from the studio audience as well as call-in questions from the viewing audience.

For more information, contact Schwark at 206-6650 or Steve Dykema at 206-6799.