FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                     Date: November 8, 2000

                                                                                                Contact: Debi Edwards, 206-6150

Gallagher, the sledge-o-matic king, to visit Sangamon Auditorium

SPRINGFIELD – Protective plastic advisory! Gallagher, who’s taken the concept of food processing to new heights, showers his audience with humor, pureed fruit salad, and other food groups starting at 7 p.m. on Sunday, February 25, 2001, at the University of Illinois at Springfield’s Sangamon Auditorium, presented by Sold Out Shows. Gallagher’s trademark sledge-o-matic has helped vault the comedian to an exalted place among fans who risk going home with melon pulp or lumps of cottage cheese in their hair after seeing his act.

More than flying bits of food, Gallagher’s show incorporates intelligent social and political commentary as only he can deliver.  Add to this a plethora of oddball props and you have the ingredients of one of the most calculating performers in the entertainment world.  More than any other comic, Gallagher is best known for his 15 audacious cable specials with titles like “Uncensored Evening,” “Too Real,” “Mad as Hell,” “That’s Stupid,” “Stuck in the ‘60s,” “The Maddest,” “The Bookkeeper,” “Over Your Head,” “Overboard,” “The Leap Year Marathon,” “Melon Crazy,” “The Messiest Of,” and “We Need a Hero.”  Gallagher’s latest videos, “Smashing Cheeseheads” and “” have just been released to Comedy Central for broadcast beginning next month. 

Knowing the food will hit the fans, they show up pre-Gallagherized, wearing raincoats, goggles, sunglasses, and umbrellas  ― those brave and lucky few who score seats in the Sledge Zone or Death Row.  Fans always get more than their money’s worth because Gallagher gives 110% before and during every sledge-o-matic show, posing for pictures and signing autographs.  Flash photography is allowed and encouraged; he even sells cameras and ponchos if you forget yours.

Tickets are on sale starting Monday, November 13.  Prices are $27.50 (Gold Circle AA-K), 25, and 22.50.  Tickets can be ordered by calling the Sangamon Auditorium Ticket Office, (217) 206-6160 or (800) 207-6960, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The auditorium administrative offices can be reached at (217) 206-6150 or by e-mail at



Sat. 18              Illinois Symphony Orchestra                               8 p.m.

                        Masterworks II


Sat. 25              Footloose                                                         2 & 8 p.m.

                        Sponsored by American General Financial Group

                        2 p.m.-$30/27/25/15 (Dinner* 4:30 p.m.)

                        8 p.m.-$32/29/27/16 (Dinner* 6 p.m.)

Sun. 26             Footloose                                                         2 p.m.

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Sat. 2                Nutcracker                                                      2 & 8 p.m.

Sun. 3               Nutcracker                                                      2 p.m.

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Sun. 10             Melissa Manchester                                          7 p.m.

                        Christmas Show

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Wed. 13            Peter Pan                                                         10 a.m. & 12:30 p.m.

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Sat. 16              Illinois Symphony Orchestra                               2 & 8 p.m.

                        Holiday Pops

                        2 p.m.-$16       

8 p.m.-$25/22/20

*Dinner will be served in the UIS cafeteria, PAC level 1. Tickets are $16 (adults), 13.50 (Terrific Friends & up), 11 (children 12 & under).

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