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Kachardra Meredith

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U of I implements new student registration system

May 27, 2004

SPRINGFIELD - On April 19 the University of Illinois began advanced student registration for the 2004 fall semester using the UI-Integrate Banner Registration System. As of May 25, more than 38,800 continuing students at the University (more than 1,700 of those at the Springfield campus) had successfully registered for classes using the web self-service registration system (Web For Student). This number is comparable to the number of students who were registered in the legacy systems by this time last year.

“Things are going smoothly with the new registration system for fall,” said Darren Bush, director of admissions and records at UIS. “We’ve received positive feedback from students overall and have been working individually with those who may experience technical challenges, such as establishing their password.”

A new academic records system will be implemented in October.

UI-Integrate is the University’s five-year initiative to maintain essential service delivery by implementing a cost-effective, integrated, and sustainable business and student-service system that incorporates best business practices. Staff who support registration activities use Banner for such duties as setting and maintaining the course catalog, setting and removing registration holds, and registration auditing. Banner permits data sharing between work groups, eliminates duplicate effort, and increases data quality.

With open registration well underway, data suggests that, overall, both students and staff made a smooth transition to the new system. Staff at UIS’ Administrative Information Technology Services Help Desk and in the Office of Admissions and Records who serve as first-line support for users report a low number of calls from students who need help with the new system, and the number of reported issues continues to decline as well. 

“Many of the early calls were from staff who were using the system to prepare for priority registration in the last week of March,” said Richard Harris, UI-Integrate Student Team project manager.  “Once the priority registration period started, calls were divided between students and staff who assist students. The decrease in calls, particularly in staff calls, indicates that they have been able to learn the system and perform the steps they need to do to enable students to register.”

For students, the new system provides a number of benefits such as more concentrated information and time-saving conveniences. Students also have increased access to their registration information including: 24-hour access from anywhere with an Internet connection; the ability to view registration eligibility and holds; the ability to view Programs of Study, the General Education Course listing and the Class Schedule (formerly the Timetable); user-friendly class and course search functions; the ability to view course sections’ maximum enrollments and the number of seats available; and the ability to view graphic displays of weekly class schedules.

Beginning in August, students will also be able to view fee and assessment information.

Faculty will be able to use Web For Faculty (a counterpart to the student registration system) to view real-time class enrollment information.

When the Academic Records Conversion is implemented in October, faculty will be able to submit grades and view teaching assignments and wait lists. At that time, student academic history will be added to the system, which will allow students and student advisers to view this information in the same way that they currently view course registration information.

    The University of Illinois at Springfield, one of three U of I campuses, is a small, public liberal arts university that offers 40 degree programs – 20 bachelor’s, 19 master’s, and the Doctorate of Public Administration. UIS has a special mission in public affairs and service and is known for extraordinary internships, a wireless campus, extensive online offerings, and a commitment to teaching.