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UIS webmaster publishes guide to Photoshop

May 4, 2004

SPRINGFIELD - Sherry Hutson, webmaster and adjunct faculty member in the Communication and Visual Arts programs at the University of Illinois at Springfield, is the author of Web Wizard’s Guide to Photoshop, a new book published by Addison-Wesley.

The book teaches beginning web designers how to use the software application Photoshop and its companion program ImageReady. Photoshop is widely recognized as the premiere image editing program for print and the web.

Hutson has developed web sites, multimedia, and television programs for numerous corporate clients and was also a contributor to the fifth edition of Multimedia: Making it Work by multimedia authority Tay Vaughn, published in 2001 by McGraw-Hill.  Reviewers of Web Wizard’s Guide have cited it as a “quick and easy-to-understand introduction” that will have readers “spicing up their web sites in no time.”

“This is a book for anyone who wants to learn to put images on web sites,” said Hutson.  “I wrote it with the beginner in mind, and used my experiences with students who have taken my classes as the starting point.”

The text progresses through a series of hands-on activities, accompanied by color photographs of the software in action; sample files are available on a companion web site. Step-by-step instructions cover photo retouching, raster and vector graphics, image size and resolution, layers and effects, web animations, button rollovers, image maps, composite images, and the GIF and JPG file formats for the web. Readers will also learn how to use Photoshop to design and publish a complete web page without using a web editor or HTML coding.

In addition to “how-to” activities in each chapter, the book includes sections on color harmony, ethics and Photoshop, graphic design basics, and web design theory; a list of do’s and don’ts for effective web design; and a collection of advanced tools, tips, and techniques. Each chapter includes a summary, a list of online references, review questions, and additional hands-on exercises. Appendices include charts of web-safe colors and commonly used tools and keyboard shortcuts.

The book may be used with either Mac or Windows platforms. The material is applicable to multiple versions of Photoshop including the latest release, Photoshop CS.

Hutson has taught media related courses at UIS since 1997 and serves as the campus webmaster. She previously taught television and media production courses at Quincy University, Quincy, Illinois, and De Anza College, Cupertino, California. She has also been program director for the public access cable TV channel in Cupertino and an independent television producer in San Francisco, specializing in jazz and blues programming. She holds a master of arts degree in Communication from Sangamon State University, and a bachelor of science degree in Psychology from Illinois State University.

Web Wizard’s Guide to Photoshop, one of a series of web-related books, is available directly from the publisher and online. For more information, contact Hutson at 217/206-7532 or

Web Wizard’s Guide to Photoshop
ISBN: 0-321-24727-2
Paperback, 200 pp

To purchase the book, and to see sample pages:

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