FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                       Date: May 14, 2003

         Contact: Donna McCracken, 206-6716


UIS Capital Scholars students receive program awards


SPRINGFIELD – Several students in the Capital Scholars program at the University of Illinois at Springfield, chosen for recognition in a number of areas, were honored at a dinner held recently on campus.

Each award was given to one first- and one second-year student. Recipients were selected by vote of the faculty who teach in the Capital Scholars program and, in some cases, by their peers.

The Academic Achievement Award was presented to Natalia Vera (first year) and Laura Petrea (second year). Recipients of this award, chosen by faculty vote only, must have a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.00 and a high level of participation in class discussions, as well as a high working-level of respect for both their peers and their professors. 

            The Academic Progress Award was presented to Alexander Cruz (first year) and Dana Goodrum (second year). Chosen by faculty vote only, recipients of this award must have achieved a dramatic improvement in motivation and performance, successfully using instructor feedback in a constructive manner to revise and improve their work. A specific GPA is not required.

The Capital Scholars Mentor Award recognizes students who are accessible and eager to help their peers, working from their own initiative to assist classmates in their coursework. Recipients of this award, chosen by vote of students and faculty, were Patrick Redwood (first year) and Lindy Bair (second year).

            The Leadership Award, presented to Matthew Wallace (first year) and Ryan Morrison


(second year), recognizes students who have demonstrated the ability to motivate others to become involved in organizations and events. Students chosen for this award have the energy to not only initiate involvement, but also to stay committed until projects are completed. Selection is made by a vote of students and faculty.

            The Capital Community Award, presented to Matthew Cunningham (first year) and Elizabeth Moran (second year), is given to students who are concerned with becoming engaged in communities outside UIS and who demonstrate a desire to promote understanding and awareness of diverse cultures and communities. Recipients are chosen by a vote of students and faculty.

            The Outstanding First Year and Outstanding Second Year Awards were presented to Matthew Wallace and Emily Eskridge, respectively. These awards honor the students who best represent all of the qualities mentioned in the other awards. Recipients are well-rounded individuals who promise to work through academic and community achievement to join a new generation of leadership. Selection is made by a vote of students and faculty.

            Henry Nicholson, associate professor of Communication, received the Outstanding Faculty Member Award. The recipient of this award, selected by students, is that member of the Capital Scholars faculty who best “works to foster the student-teacher relationship by contributing extra insight and attention to the learning process, and to students as individuals.”

            In addition, first-year student Brad Ward and second-year student Ryan Morrison received the Most Involved Award and first-year student Tabitha Curran and second-year student Alex Duda received Overachiever Awards.

The Capital Scholars program admits a small number of highly qualified first- and second-year students to undergraduate study at UIS. Admission is selective and open to students who have demonstrated high academic achievement and a potential for creativity and leadership.