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UIS to offer new degree in Environmental Science

SPRINGFIELD Ė Beginning in the 2003 fall semester, students at the University of Illinois at Springfield will be able to earn a master of science degree in Environmental Science. UIS received approval for the new program from the U of I Board of Trustees at its May meeting.

The new degree will be offered in addition to the campusí existing master of arts degree program in Environmental Studies.

The program was added in response to a frequently stated preference by students and academic advisers for a program leading to the master of science degree for those interested in environmental science and environmental risk assessment.

Presently, UISí Environmental Studies Department offers a master of arts degree with four concentrations -- environmental sciences; natural resources and sustainable development; environmental policy, planning, and administration; and environmental humanities.

Beginning this fall, students who enroll in the M.S. in Environmental Science program will take the same core of courses as students in the Environmental Studies program, as well as the courses that currently comprise the M.A. programís concentration in environmental science. That concentration will be dropped from the master of arts curriculum, which will otherwise be unchanged.

With the addition of the new program, UIS will offer 19 masterís degree programs, along with 20 bachelorís degree programs and one doctoral program.