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Cheryl Peck

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UIS to offer additional degree programs online this fall

July 1, 2003

SPRINGFIELD - The University of Illinois at Springfield has added two undergraduate degree completion programs to its complement of online offerings. Beginning with the fall 2003 semester, UIS students will be able to complete baccalaureate degrees in History and Computer Science completely online.

Both programs are housed within UIS’ College of Liberal Arts and Science Online Programs. CLAS Dean Bill Bloemer noted, “We’re very excited to offer these highly successful programs via the Internet. The demand for them has been overwhelming.” Both programs are currently accepting applications and enrollments for the upcoming fall semester, which begins August 21.

The History program at UIS emphasizes the link between the past and the contemporary world, encouraging students to compare elements of their own culture with cultures from other time periods. History students gain a sense of what is unique in, as well as generally characteristic of, individuals, groups, and national cultures in the present as well as the past.

The Computer Science program is designed to provide a strong foundation in computer science and related disciplines. The curriculum encourages development of cutting-edge techniques and practices, yet ensures that students learn the requisite core skills and theoretical foundations that have historically driven computer science.

UIS now offers four bachelor’s degree completion programs – English, Liberal Studies, History, and Computer Science – as well as four undergraduate minors - Computer Science, English, History, and Philosophy – online. Two graduate degree programs – the M.S. in Management Information Systems and the M.A. in Educational Leadership with a concentration in master teaching and leadership – are offered online, as are numerous individual courses and certificate and professional development programs.

UIS is part of the University of Illinois Online initiative, established in 1997 to coordinate and support the three U of I campuses in their efforts to serve the needs of place-bound or time-restricted students, in the U.S. and internationally. Since UIS began offering classes online in fall 1998, online enrollment has increased dramatically each semester – during the 2003 spring semester there were 1,430 online enrollments, compared to about 200 in spring 1999. This past spring, one out of every four UIS students took at least one class online and one out of every eight took only online classes.

In June 2002, UIS received a $500,000 grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to develop six new online degree programs over three years. The degrees are to be primarily in the arts and sciences to build on the campus’ liberal arts emphasis. The online baccalaureate completion degrees in History and Computer Science are part of that development. At the time the grant was received, UIS officials predicted that online enrollment would double in three years and triple by 2007.

Information about History and Computer Science online is available from CLAS Online Programs, telephone (800) 323-9243 or e-mail For information about any of UIS’ online offerings, go to For more information on all 49 online programs offered by the three campuses of the University of Illinois, visit U of I Online at