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Cheryl Peck

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BOT approves 5% increase in tuition at UIS beginning this fall

July 1, 2003

SPRINGFIELD - The University of Illinois Board of Trustees has approved a 5 percent increase in tuition for the University of Illinois at Springfield as well as for the other two U of I campuses in Urbana/Champaign and Chicago. The Board approved the increase, effective fall 2003, during a special meeting on June 27.

“We are grateful that the trustees saw a need to raise tuition,” said UIS Chancellor Richard Ringeisen. “UIS will net about $300,000 from the increase, depending on final enrollment figures for fall. The bulk of the new revenue will be used for teaching and academic programs – to maintain and enhance the quality of our academic programs, particularly those programs in high demand.”

The tuition increase for U of I campuses is the lowest among the state’s public universities and puts UIS in eighth position among the 12 public universities in the amount of tuition charged annually ($3,450). UIUC is the highest, at $5,568 per year, and Chicago State University is the lowest, with a range of $2,982 to $3,092 per year.

Ringeisen noted that UIS is one of the best educational bargains in the state. “Our students will be less affected financially by a tuition increase this fall than students at any other Illinois public university,” he said.

The money generated from the tuition increase will offset only about 14% of UIS’ cut in state appropriations. Although the University Administration has not yet finalized how the cuts in the U of I’s state appropriation will be apportioned to the campuses, the total state appropriation for UIS is likely to be about $2.1 million less this fiscal year than last.

Undergraduates will pay $5.50 more per credit hour beginning this fall, up from the current $109.50 per credit hour to $115. Graduate students will pay $6.15 more per credit hour, up from $123.25 per credit hour to $129.50. A full-time undergraduate (15 hours per semester) will pay $165.00 more per year, from $3,285 to $3,450. A full-time graduate student (12 hours per semester) will pay $129.40 more per year, from $2,958 to $3,108.

The Board also approved a $15 per semester increase in the student service fee at UIS to provide for general cost increases and continued support for student programs and organizations. That increase boosts total student fees for a year to $480 from the current $450.

In regard to student health insurance fees, UIS is in the final year of a five-year renewable contract with Student Assurance Services Incorporated. The contract necessitates an average rate increase of 37 percent for this fiscal year to support enhanced benefits for physician office visits and because of higher than anticipated use of services. For UIS students under age 35 who take part in the health insurance plan, the fee will increase from $141 to $194; for those ages 35 to 64, the fee will rise from $218 to $296 this year.

In addition, the Board approved increasing the $15 per-credit-hour fee for online courses at UIS to $25. UIS has developed E-Tuition for students taking courses online, which is equivalent to the in-state rate for regular course offerings.

Room and board rates at UIS will also change this fall. The board approved increasing one- and two-bedroom family apartments from a range of $3,780-$5,148 per year to $3,924-$5,328 per year. Student apartments (other than family) will increase from a range of $1,413-$2,826 per year to $1,521-$3,006 per year. They include one-, two- and four or five-bedroom apartments. The Lincoln Residence Hall rate will increase $132, to $6,302 per year.