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Public Radio WUIS to air a month of diverse specials

January 23, 2006

SPRINGFIELD – Public Radio WUIS 91.9FM-WIPA 89.3FM will present a variety of special programs in the next four weeks, ranging from the evolution/creationism controversy to country music to speeches that changed the world.

Intelligent Designs on Evolution - Tuesday, January 24, at 7 p.m.  Nearly 20 states have taken up the battle over whether the rival theories of Intelligent Design or Evolution should be taught in their public schools. Yet there is much confusion about “ID,” what it really is, and the motivations of its proponents. This documentary explores the Intelligent Design movement with its “founder” Phillip Johnson, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Ed Larson, and a national radio drama tour of the Scopes Trial, starring Ed Asner.

Cash, The Legend: A Four-Part Radio Special - Saturdays in February at 3 p.m.  This series covers the life of the late Johnny Cash, who would have been 74 on February 26.

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Public Radio WUIS

The first episode, on Saturday, February 4, is “Johnny Cash, How Great Thou Art.” Listeners will follow the complicated journey of Cash’s spiritual life, from pious beginnings to his betrayal of beliefs and return to the fold. Along the way, he wrote songs that reflect his struggles with faith and human nature.

The episode on Saturday, February 11, is “Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire.” This look at Cash’s turbulent career –  from his start on the farm through international stardom – also focuses on his drug problems, religious reawakening, and later return to the spotlight.

Saturday, February 18, presents “Johnny Cash, The Man in Black.” Cash was aware of the state of the world and cared deeply. He shared his own opinions without hesitation or compromise, and his influence helped open the way for other artists to express their feelings and views without fear.

The series concludes Saturday, February 25, with “Johnny Cash, The World Needs a Melody.” Cash was one of the first country stars to write most of his own material. This program examines his craft, how he shaped his stories, told tales of people and places around him, and influenced the work of future generations of songwriters.

Say it Plain: A Century of African American Oratory - Tuesday, February 14, at 7 p.m.  Though the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. was a remarkable orator, he was nurtured in a centuries-old African American tradition of spoken narrative and oral persuasion. This dramatic and moving program highlights a selection of landmark sermons, speeches, and broadcasts by African American orators over the past century, from Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey, to Fannie Lou Hamer and Malcolm X, to Shirley Chisholm and Julian Bond. This special is made possible by support from Sangamon Auditorium at the University of Illinois at Springfield, which will present “Ain’t I a Woman" on February 21.

Unmasking Stalin: A Speech that Changed the World - Wednesday, February 23, at 7 p.m.  In a February 1956 address, Nikita Khrushchev for the first time exposed and denounced the crimes of Joseph Stalin. This speech stunned a nation and opened the door to the birth of a human rights movement in Russia, and ultimately to the collapse of the USSR. Fifty years later, with the assistance of Khrushchev’s son, Sergei, producer Robert Rand tells the story of that bold event and the consequences it reaped, both for Soviet citizens and for the world.

WUIS-WIPA is listener-supported public radio, now in its 31st year of broadcasting from the campus of UIS. WUIS’ mission is to satisfy a curious, societally engaged audience through programming and community outreach.  For WUIS’ complete program schedule, events, and other information, go to www.wuis.org.


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