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UIS expands opportunities for study abroad

January 27, 2005

SPRINGFIELD - The Global Experience Program at the University of Illinois at Springfield has expanded its opportunities for study abroad with the addition of two new international exchange programs. UIS Chancellor Richard Ringeisen signed official agreements with Veritas, a social service agency based in Romania, and with Charles Darwin University in Australia at a ceremony held Thursday afternoon, January 27, at UIS.

The addition of Veritas and Charles Darwin brings the number of international institutions with which UIS has formal affiliations to five. The others are Southampton Institute in England; Trinity College, University of Dublin, in Ireland; and Ashikaga Institute of Technology in Japan.

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“We are part of a global web of communication, travel, and trade,” said Jonathan GoldbergBelle, director of UIS’ Office of International Affairs. “People, goods, and ideas cross borders daily. In order to better prepare our students for their local and global responsibilities, we have to extend our vision beyond the boundaries of Springfield and Illinois.  The addition of these two programs and others that are on the horizon are steps in this direction.”

GoldbergBelle coordinated efforts between officials at Charles Darwin and the chemistry, biology, and environmental studies faculty at UIS. Located in Australia’s tropical Northern Territory, CDU offers a graduate certificate program in tropical environmental management that complements UIS courses in wetlands and river management; however, the exchange opportunity is open to students in any academic major.

Sandra Mills, UIS associate professor of Social Work, was instrumental in establishing the program with Veritas, a legally registered Romanian non-government organization that seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of the people of Sighisoara, Romania, via service to the community and individuals in need through a variety of educational programs and through intercultural exchange. This arrangement will provide internship options for students in UIS’ Social Work program as well as possible Applied Study Terms for students in other majors.

The Global Experience Program also continues to expand opportunities for students and area residents to study abroad in two- to three-week summer courses. “This summer we’re offering six programs, up from three in 2004 and one in 2003,” said GoldbergBelle.

Global Experience Programs for summer 2005 are listed below. All are open to non-students, although first preference will be given to students registering for credit. Application deadlines and costs vary. To receive academic credit from UIS, regular tuition, fees, and registration deadlines apply.

Language and Culture of Japan. June 9-26 (tentative). Two weeks of study in Springfield’s Sister City, Ashikaga, Japan, will focus on Japanese language and culture, including calligraphy, ceramic arts, Buddhist meditation, and excursions to sites in and around Ashikaga including the Ashikaga Gakko, Kurita Porcelain Museum, the Nikko Temple Complex, and the city of Tokyo. Lodging will be a combination of hotels, guesthouses, and home stays. Anticipated cost: $2,200 (includes airfare; does not include UIS tuition and fees). For details, contact seminar director Larry Golden, UIS professor emeritus, by phone at 206-7885 or by e-mail at lgol1@uis.edu.

Ceramic Arts of China. May 30-June 16. This seminar on Chinese culture emphasizes ceramic arts and begins in Beijing with a visit to Tiananmen Square and the Ancient Palace Museum. The itinerary also includes the Great Wall, an antiques market, and the 1,000-year celebration of Chinese porcelain in Jingdezhen. Anticipated cost: $3,000 (includes airfare; does not include UIS tuition and fees).  For details, contact seminar director Bob Dixon, UIS professor emeritus, by phone at 206-6790 or by e-mail at bdixo2@uis.edu.

Jamaican Society. May 15 - June 5. Explore a side of island life that tourists seldom see by working alongside Jamaican teachers, organizers, and citizens to serve community needs.  Free time will be spent getting to know Jamaican people and culture. Anticipated cost: $1,500 (includes airfare; does not include UIS tuition and fees).  For details, contact seminar director Jan Droegkamp, professor of Liberal Studies/Individual Option, by phone at 206-7418 or by e-mail at jdroe1@uis.edu.

Polish History and Culture. June 7 - 28. Participants will study at the Warsaw School of Communication and Journalism, meet leading politicians and journalists, and travel to such places as the Tatra Mountains and the seaport of Gdansk.  Anticipated cost:  $2,400 (includes airfare and tuition and fees at the Warsaw School of Communication and Journalism; does not include UIS tuition and fees). For details, contact seminar director Piotr Boltuc, associate professor of Philosophy, by phone at 206-7422 or by e-mail at pbolt1@uis.edu.

Literature of Ireland and Scotland. June 16 – July 2 (tentative). Participants will tour Dublin and surrounding areas in Ireland and the Scottish highlands. Assigned readings of poems, stories, and novels will relate to the regions and sites visited, including Trinity College, the Abbey Theatre, Loch Lomond, Loch Ness, Hadrian’s Wall, and the Orkney Islands. Anticipated cost: $3,000 (includes airfare; does not include UIS tuition and fees). For details, contact seminar director Karen Moranski, associate professor of English, by phone at 206-7440 or by e-mail at kmora1@uis.edu or Maureen Skube, English program graduate assistant, at 206-7460.

Spanish Language and Peruvian Culture. June 3-26. Two weeks of intense instruction in Spanish at the Amauta Spanish School in Cusco, Peru, includes the option of living with a host family. During the final week, participants tour various sites, including the Incan city of Machu Picchu. Anticipated cost: $2,600 (includes airfare and tuition and fees at the Amauta Spanish School; does not include UIS tuition and fees). For details, contact seminar director Marcella Martinez, UIS Spanish instructor, by phone at 553-5838 or by e-mail at mmart3@uis.edu.

For application and registration materials for any of these programs, or for information on other opportunities to study abroad, contact the UIS Office International Affairs, by phone at 206-6678, email intaff@uis.edu, or go to the website at www.uis.edu/internationalaffairs/studyabroad.htm.


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