FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                              Date: January 10, 2003

         Contact: Donna McCracken, 206-6716


UIS publishes primer on how to lobby


SPRINGFIELD The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Center for Governmental Studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield announces the publication of Lobbying Illinois: How You Can Make a Difference in Public Policy, by Christopher Z. Mooney and Barbara Van Dyke-Brown.

            Lobbying Illinois is a primer on how to lobby state government in Illinois and is written especially for individuals and groups with public policy goals but little or no experience in the policy-making arena. In non-technical language, it explains the basics of the legislative process, how to gain access to policymakers, how to work strategically with legislative and administrative rules, how to build coalitions and grassroots organizations, and the rules and ethics of lobbying.

Randall F. Witter, president of the lobbying firm Cook-Witter, Inc., calls the book “the most comprehensive guide to the Illinois General Assembly that I’ve seen in my 29 years in Springfield.”

Mooney is director of the Illinois Legislative Studies Center at UIS. He has published five books and dozens of articles on U.S. state politics and is the founding editor and publisher of State Politics and Policy Quarterly.

            Van Dyke-Brown, assistant director of the ILSC, has spent more than a decade working in and around the Illinois General Assembly. She is also the editor of the Almanac of Illinois Politics - 2002.

Lobbying Illinois is available for $20, with significant discounts for bulk orders. All proceeds from sales will be used to support the scholarly and public service activities of the Legislative Studies Center. To order, contact the ILSC by phone at (217) 206-6574 or order online at For more information, contact Mooney at (217) 206-6573.