Date:  February 8, 2002

                                                                                                Contact:  Cheryl D. Peck

UIS reports dramatic increase in enrollment

SPRINGFIELD -- Enrollment has increased dramatically for the spring semester at the University of Illinois at Springfield, 10 percent higher than last spring and nearly equal to the total headcount for the previous (fall) semester.  The largest area of increase is in online enrollment, which experienced a whooping 43 percent increase over last spring.

A total of 4,274 students are enrolled this spring, 394 more than last spring and only 14 fewer than in the fall. Enrollment in 60 online courses is 1,142 compared to 797 last spring. Another notable area of increase is in the number of new students, 719 this spring compared to 651 in spring 2001.

“Our recruitment and marketing efforts have been very extensive this year,” said Darren Bush, Director of Admissions. “We came very close to enrolling the same number of students this spring as we enrolled in the fall. That is very unusual and is an indication that our efforts are paying off.”  He also noted that the economy is very likely a factor, referring to the fact that when the economy worsens, people tend to return to school for more education.

Figures show that UIS is continuing to enroll more fulltime students (1,550), many of whom live on campus in apartment-style housing.  For spring, the number of residential students is about 500, not counting the 111 Capital Scholars students who are living in Lincoln Residence Hall.  UIS’ first class of freshmen was admitted to the Capital Scholars Program last fall, a highly selective program for students interested in an interdisciplinary approach to liberal arts, civic education and the development of leadership skills.

The largest population of students at UIS is parttime adults, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, who number 2,724 this spring.  While fulltime enrollment is rising nearly every semester, UIS Chancellor Richard Ringeisen said the university will continue to maintain its commitment to parttime commuter students by finding even more ways to serve their interests and needs.

The number of undergraduates, not counting Capital Scholars, is 2,194 while 1,969 students are studying at the graduate and doctoral levels this spring (a total of 24 students are enrolled in UIS’ doctorate in public administration).

Academic programs with the highest enrollments are Business Administration (352), Management (304), Psychology (255), Computer Science (253), and Educational Leadership (233).

Academic programs with the highest number of undergraduates are Management (304), Psychology (255), Business Administration (196), Liberal Studies (155), Accountancy (143) and Criminal Justice (140).

Academic programs with the highest number of graduate students are Educational Leadership (233), Management Information Systems (186), Business Administration (156), Computer Science (149) and Public Administration (115).

Bush said the picture looks bright for next fall. The number of applications received so far is much higher than last year and applicants to the Capital Scholars Program have more than doubled.