FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                    Date: August 22, 2002

          Contact: Donna McCracken, 206-6716



UIS signs dual admissions agreement with Joliet Junior College


SPRINGFIELD – Officials at the University of Illinois at Springfield have signed a Dual Admissions Agreement with Joliet Junior College that will facilitate JJC students’ smooth transfer into baccalaureate degree programs at UIS.

Marya Leatherwood, UIS associate vice chancellor for academic affairs and director of enrollment management, said that the agreement would provide a “seamless transition” for Joliet students who continue their educations at UIS.

“The two institutions are similar in several ways,” she noted, “not the least of which is our dedication to academic excellence with smaller class sizes and opportunities for faculty-student interaction.”

Angie Kaysen Luzbetak, coordinator of the Multicultural Transfer Center at JJC, said that the agreement pledges both institutions to cooperate in a number of mutually beneficial projects. “These include student services and academic collaborations that will be advantageous to students at both institutions,” she said.

Leatherwood added that for UIS, benefits include the chance for students to visit campus early and meet with admissions staff and academic advisers well in advance of matriculation. “These students will be better prepared for upper division courses in their fields of study,” she said. The agreement will also provide UIS with an opportunity to increase its presence in area high schools and local communities.


Under terms of the agreement, students who apply for dual admission must meet all applicable requirements of both institutions and must maintain a grade-point average of at least 2.00. Students who are accepted into the program are not automatically guaranteed entrance into a particular academic program, however.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2000, UIS enrolled 4,288 students for the fall 2001 semester. It offers baccalaureate degrees in 20 programs, as well as 25 baccalaureate minors. Established in 1901, JJC is the oldest public community college in the nation and currently serves some 18,000 students at three campuses and several satellite facilities.

UIS also has Dual Admission Agreements with Lincoln Land Community College and Illinois Central College. A similar dual admissions program is in place for UIS’ Liberal Studies program with Lewis & Clark Community College and for the LIS Online option with John Wood Community College and Kankakee Community College.

UIS is the eighth senior educational institution in the state to enter into a Dual Admissions Agreement with Joliet. Others include Northeastern Illinois University and Eastern Illinois University.