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Board approves tuition hike; UIS remains among most affordable

April 11, 2006

SPRINGFIELD – While tuition will increase at the University of Illinois at Springfield this fall, the price of attending the university will remain among the lowest when compared to the other public universities in the state.

The U of I Board of Trustees today voted to increase tuition by $1,005 for new in-state undergraduates entering UIS this fall to a total of $5,580 a year, a rate that will be guaranteed for four years under the guaranteed tuition plan mandated by state law.

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UIS Chancellor Richard Ringeisen said revenue from the tuition increase – about $2 million – will restore state funding and tuition to 2002 levels, thus allowing the university to begin turning the corner on strengthening academic quality after four years of budget cuts and level funding.

“UIS is one of the best educational values in the state. It ranks ninth among the 12 public universities in the amount of tuition charged,” Ringeisen said. “This tuition increase is essential to our ability to begin recovering from a string of financially challenging years.” He said the increase will be used to begin some important academic initiatives that are part of UIS’ new Strategic Plan, including investing in the development of faculty as both teachers and scholars. It will also be used to attract and retain excellent faculty and staff, for which the university is competing with some of the best schools in the nation, and to improve the campus salary program for faculty and staff.

The tuition increase is also an important factor in UIS’ shift to a full four-year university this fall when more freshmen will be admitted. “It’s a very exciting time for this university in many ways particularly as we anticipate expanding our freshmen class,” Ringeisen said. He was referring to the approximately 200 freshmen who are expected to enroll in UIS’ new general education curriculum that will be offered for the first time. The Capital Scholars Honors Program, which began at UIS in fall 2001, expects to enroll about 100 freshmen this fall.

Ringeisen said that at the same time that UIS is raising tuition, it is increasing its contribution to student aid, so that all academically qualified students can have access to the university.  Last year, 37% of UIS students paid full tuition and fees; the rest received substantial financial aid.

The Board also approved a $16 increase in the Service, General, and Health fees at UIS to provide for continued support of student programs, organizations, career services, and health services. That brings the total cost of mandatory fees to $420 per semester beginning this fall. In addition, the Board voted for the establishment of an Academic Facilities Maintenance Fund Assessment at all three U of I campuses. New undergraduate and graduate students at UIS will be assessed $8.33 per credit hour to address the university’s backlog of repair and renovation projects.

In regard to housing, the Board approved increasing the cost of apartment, townhouse, and residence hall housing at UIS by an average of about 6% depending (with regard to apartments and townhouses) on number of bedrooms, private or shared, and furnished or unfurnished. Beginning this fall, the room and board rate for a standard double-occupancy room and a 14-meal per week plan will be $3,440 per semester.

Continuing students at UIS not currently enrolled in the guaranteed tuition plan will also pay an additional $1,005 in tuition this fall, from the current $3,952.50 per year to $4,957.50 for a full-time student.

The guaranteed tuition plan, which ensures that tuition will remain the same for four years, went into effect at UIS in fall 2004. The plan makes education more affordable and helps students and their parents better plan for the cost of obtaining a degree.

    The University of Illinois at Springfield, one of three U of I campuses, is a small, public liberal arts university that offers 42 degree programs – 21 bachelor’s, 20 master’s, and the Doctorate of Public Administration. UIS has a special mission in public affairs and service and is known for extraordinary internships, a wireless campus, extensive online offerings, and a commitment to teaching.