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Essay by UIS adjunct faculty member included in 100 Ways to Beat the Blues

April 18, 2005

SPRINGFIELD - “The Map-Crease Blues,” an essay by David Logan, adjunct professor of English at the University of Illinois at Springfield, appears 100 Ways to Beat the Blues: Tanya Tucker and Friends, a new book of reflections by 100 people from all walks of life who have their share of the blues, as well as ways to get out of them.

Logan is one of 30 “regular folks” whose essays appear alongside pieces by celebrities, scholars, and writers such as Sir Arthur C. Clarke, George W. H. and Barbara Bush, Loretta Lynn, Charles Barkley, Billy Bob Thornton, and the late Jerry Orbach.

Logan was invited to submit an essay by novelist Cathie Pelletier, herself a contributor to the book. The title of his piece refers to the fact that his hometown, Jacksonville, is “so centrally located in Illinois that the atlas folds right over on top of us.” His cure for the blues is to drive some of the roads his father helped build: “Nothing feels so good as the possibilities in a full tank of gas.”

“I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Illinois,” he continued, “though my travels across the country and back have contributed to my development.  I believe that here in central Illinois, heroes are plentiful but quiet, damaged but not fragile.  In spite of the bounty grown here, we are starving for a voice.”

Logan worked variously as a tree trimmer and landscaper while he attended UIS, where he earned the bachelor of arts magna cum laude and the master of arts, both in English. Currently an adjunct English professor at Springfield College in Illinois as well as UIS, he still spends his summers with “a chainsaw, mower, and wrench.”

“The balance between mental and physical work, between scholarship and manual labor, is what keeps me thriving,” he said.

Logan’s short story “Grader” appears in the Spring 2005 issue of Eureka Literary Magazine and his poem “Portrait” was featured in the Illinois Times. His play I Adore You, Maria won UIS’ 2001 Maria Mootry Writing Award and was performed on campus at the 2001 Verbal Arts Festival and at the Jacksonville Theatre Guild.  He received the 2001 Author of the Year Award from the Jacksonville Friends of the Library for his poem “Coyote” and he has been part of the staff at the Impromptu Writer’s Conference in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.  Logan is currently at work on his first novel, Bring the Weather with You, which was nominated as 2004 Master’s Thesis of the Year at UIS.

100 Ways to Beat the Blues is published by Simon & Schuster.



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