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†Contact: Donna McCracken, 206-6716

UIS Lincoln and Leadership Institute offers college credit for high school students

SPRINGFIELD Ė The University of Illinois at Springfield will host the first Abraham Lincoln and Leadership Summer Institute, a residential program for Illinois high school students, July 7 through August 2 on the UIS campus. The four-week program is a joint effort of the Governorís Office, the University of Illinois, and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

The institute will emphasize Lincoln the leader, as well as contemporary public policy issues related to his legacy, by exploring connections between issues that Lincoln faced in his day and issues currently facing Illinois and the nation.

The program is open to Illinois high school students who will be entering their senior year in fall 2002. Admission criteria include ability to complete college-level course work and demonstrated leadership potential, as determined by student interest, family support, academic achievement, and recommendations from teachers and guidance counselors. Space is limited to 50 students, who will be selected by lot from all eligible applicants. All participants will be awarded scholarships for full tuition, fees, and lodging; students will only be responsible for the cost of traveling to and from Springfield.

Participants will enroll in two, two-hour courses specially designed for the institute and will earn four semester hours of college credit. In addition to an interdisciplinary course on Lincoln as a leader, students will select one other course from among such topics as African-Americans and Slavery; Women in Lincolnís Illinois; Lincoln and Juarez: Two Great Presidents; Lincoln and His Generals; Lincoln the Lawyer; Lincoln the Legislator; Lincoln, the Black Hawk War, and the Indians of Illinois; and Illinois Environments in Lincolnís Time and Today.

Beyond the classroom, students will be involved in service learning, research, and group interactive technology projects. Field trips to the Presidential Library and Museum, the legislature, and government agencies are planned, as well as trips to historically significant sites including the Lincoln Museum and Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Students will also learn historic interpretation and will assist with programs at New Salem State Park and the National Park Service Lincolnís Home site. Recreational and social activities are also planned. All course offerings will be aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards within existing high school program requirements.

The deadline to apply is May 15. More information and application materials are available from the program website at, or from the UIS Office of Admissions and Records, telephone (217) 206-6626 or go to .