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UIS to host foreign and independent film series

September 12, 2007

Contact: Cynthia Thompson, 217/206-6665, cthom2@uis.edu

SPRINGFIELD – The Division of Student Affairs at the University of Illinois at Springfield is sponsoring an Independent and Foreign Film Series on Friday nights this fall. All films will begin at 7 p.m. in Brookens Auditorium, located on level one of Brookens Library on the UIS campus. Admission is free and the public is welcome to attend.

Films include:

September 21 – Pan's Labyrinth (Spain 2006) This "sad and otherworldly fairytale" is set against the backdrop of fascist Spain in 1944. Ofelia, a lonely, dreamy child, discovers a magical world inside a stone labyrinth where she learns that she's a lost princess who must complete three tasks before she can return home. Ofelia's life in this fantasy world alternates with her life in the real world, which is dominated by her cruel stepfather. Rated R, contains graphic violence.

September 28 – Who Killed the Electric Car? (USA 2006) The GM EVI was a car designed to run without gasoline.  Called "a searing indictment of big business and greed," this documentary examines the EVI's cultural and economic aspects, and how they echoed through government and big business. Rated PG.

October 5 – 12:08 Bucharest (Romania 2006) Sixteen years after the fall of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, three residents of a small Romanian town come to a local television talk show to reminisce about their exploits on that fateful day. As the three men try to present themselves as heroes of the revolution, they are continually interrupted by callers with agendas of their own. This film is not rated.

October 12 – Ma Vie en Rose (My Life in Pink) (France 1997) Ludovic, a little girl born in a little boy's body, truly believes that someday he will be a girl. When he falls in love with a school mate, their heretofore tolerant neighbors are outraged to find the two boys pretending to get married. Ludovic is expelled from school; his father is fired; the family is forced to move. But as Ludovic's once-affectionate mother becomes hostile to her son, his father slowly comes to accept him. Rated R.

October 19 – 2046 (China 2005) Pulp-fiction writer Chow Mo Wan lives in room 2047 of a seedy motel in 1960s Hong Kong. His showgirl neighbor in room 2046 is the latest in his long line of romantic conquests. Chow breaks her heart, then casts himself as a tragic hero in his latest story, an erotic sci-fi serial titled "2046." Rated R.

October 26 – Kitchen Stories (Norway/Sweden 2004) In the 1950s, a team of Swedish kitchen researchers goes to rural Norway to explore the kitchen routines of single men. The researchers are on 24-hour call and sit in chairs strategically placed in each kitchen. Under no circumstances are they to be spoken to or included in the kitchen activities. However, one scientist finds his job complicated by a growing friendship with the cantankerous old man he was sent to observe. Rated PG.

November 2 – Away from Her (USA 2007) Fiona and Grant's long and loving marriage is tested by her growing struggle with Alzheimer's. Grant wants to hold onto his wife, but Fiona decides to move into a retirement home and "go with a little grace." A month later, Fiona seems to have largely forgotten her life with Grant and she shifts her affections to another resident of the home. Rated PG 13.

November 9 – Thank You for Smoking (USA 2005) Tobacco industry lobbyist Nick Naylor's job – to promote cigarette smoking – might seem impossible but he revels in his work, smilingly proclaiming himself "the Colonel Sanders of nicotine." The cast of characters also includes Nick's peers in the gun and alcohol industries; his son Joey; a crusading but ridiculous senator; and a pretty, young reporter who finagles a career-making story from Nick. The film is based on the satirical novel by Christopher Buckley. Rated R.

November 16 – Paprika (Japan 2006) The title character in this "handsomely animated science-fiction thriller" is the dream-world alter ego of psychological researcher Atsuko Chiba. Atsuko and her colleagues have developed the "DC Mini," which allows them to enter other people's dreams. Using the device, Atsuko moonlights as Paprika, a "dream detective" who aids a real-life police investigator on a difficult case. But another scientist steals the DC Mini and uses the technology to attack people while they sleep. Rated R.

For more information about any of these films, contact the UIS Office of Student Life at 206-6665.



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