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UIS computer science instructor receives Cisco 4 R Award

June 20, 2007

Contact: Ted Mims, 217/206-7326, tmims1@uis.edu
or Janis Rose, 217/206-8246, jrose2@uis.edu

SPRINGFIELD – Janis Rose, an instructor in the Computer Science program at the University of Illinois at Springfield, has been chosen by the Cisco Networking Academy to receive an Instructor 4 R Award. The award will be presented during a conference marking the academy's 10th anniversary, to held July 9 to 11 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cisco 4 R awards are presented in the categories of Rigor, Relevance, Relationships, and Results. Rose's award is in Relationships, which recognizes the recipient's efforts in creating classroom relationships with students to ensure optimal learning and establishing strategic relationships to create opportunities for students.

Rose was nominated for the award by Ted Mims, professor and chair of Computer Science at UIS. "It takes a special person to be able to effectively teach high school students as well as adult students at the university level," said Mims. "In high school, it's about making the material relevant. Adult students present a completely different mix – they're very aware of the cost of their education and are focused on learning outcomes.

"Although the subject matter doesn't change, Janis has to adapt her approach to the concepts," he added. "Boring? Students falling asleep? Not in her classroom! Her special dedication keeps the program vibrant, relative, and personally meaningful at both levels."

Said Rose, "I appreciate this award very much. However, I'm in an enviable position and I'm lucky to be surrounded by the best. I feel like a symphony conductor, pulling together diverse student energies with a great curriculum in well-equipped lab classrooms .... It pulls together like a surround sound that becomes the beat of life. Networking surrounds us like that. It's in our homes, our cars, on streetcorner USA. I'm lucky to be in such an exciting field."

Mims noted that Rose's success as a teacher is reflected in the successes of her students -- high school and college. "Every class has students who earn their CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification," he said. "Janis' students have placed first in the state Skills USA competition and have also placed in the top 10 nationally. Over 30 are members of the National Technical Honor Society. One student routinely travels as a networking consultant throughout Europe. Each year, roughly 20 percent of her students enter the military with advance standing because of the training they received in her classes."

The UIS Computer Science department is a Cisco Regional Networking Academy, serving as the instruction center for local academies at high schools, career centers, community colleges, and universities in central Illinois.

Founded in 1984 by a group of computer scientists from Stanford University, Cisco is a leader in networking for the Internet, with hardware, software, and service offerings designed to help individuals, companies, and countries increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and strengthen competitive advantage.

For more information about Cisco at UIS, go to http://people.uis.edu/tmims1/ciscoacademy/allinfo.htm. More information about UIS' Computer Science program is available at http://csc.uis.edu/.



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