Graduate Assistantship

Women & Gender Studies Graduate Assistantship

WGS has an opportunity for a graduate student to serve as the department Graduate Assistant. WGS is an interdisciplinary program offering a minor and graduate certificate. WGS is committed to providing an opportunity for intellectual and professional growth for graduate assistants. The activities outlined in this job description are flexible, and can be modified depending on the particular interests and background of the graduate assistant.

The WGS GA may have a Bachelor’s degree in any field. We prefer candidates with academic background in the social sciences or human services. Candidates with background or interest in women’s or GLBTQ rights and experience with student or community organizations are especially encouraged to apply.

For application forms, UIS requirements, explanation of benefits, and more information, please contact the UIS Graduate Assistantship Office.


Responsibilities of the WGS Graduate Assistant

  • Student recruitment and outreach: The GA will assist in student recruitment, and will maintain regular communication with WGS minors and potential students.
  • Research: The Graduate Assistant will assist WGS faculty in curriculum related research. The GA may propose and carry out research projects independently or in collaboration with faculty, depending on the interests and background of the student.
  • Fundraising: The GA will lead fundraising activities for the Joanna Lynn Harner Scholarship and other departmental activities. The GA will also assist the deaprtment chair with organization and maintenance of the Friends of WGS, donors and supporters of the program.
  • Individualized activities: Undertake activities jointly designed by the student and the supervisor. Depending on the interests and background of the student as well as department needs, the GA may participate in any of the following activities: coordinate on- or off-campus educational or social events and activities, teach or team-teach with department faculty, develop working relationships with off-campus groups and state offices, conduct inter-departmental research, or other activities of the student’s design.
  • WGS program administration: The GA will assist the WGS Convener in organization and maintenance of the student files, assist as needed at departmental meetings, and other duties as assigned.
  • Web page maintenance: Assist faculty in maintaining the WGS department web page.


Educational Benefits

The Graduate Assistant will gain increased knowledge of concepts and methods in women and gender studies by applying them in research, program development, educational events, and teaching. The GA will gain experience and develop skills in scholarship (including research and writing), development and administration of academic programs, communication, and leadership.

The GA will have office space near the department faculty and will work in that office, the library, and/or in classrooms.


Criteria for Selection

  • Strong research, writing and communication skills.
  • Computer experience required, including experience in maintaining a web page.
  • Demonstrated commitment to women’s and/or LGBTQ rights.
  • Some background in women and gender studies, and interest in learning more about women and gender studies.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Ability to participate in program and student/community event planning. Interest in developing these skills.


Supervision & Evaluation

The Graduate Assistant will be supervised by the department chair (or a WGS faculty member designated by the chair). The student and supervisor will work together to create a work plan for the academic year. Evaluation based on the work plan will be carried out as needed by the supervisor and discussed with the Graduate Assistant.