Students Overview

Student Involvement in Program Governance

The faculty of Women & Gender Studies strongly believe in student participation in all aspects of education. Students are encouraged to take an active role in the classroom, and are invited to take an active role in the governance of the department.

Matters concerning the WGS curriculum, degree requirements, and other programmatic issues are based on decisions of the WGS department, composed of the core faculty, associated faculty and students.

All WGS minors are welcome to attend WGS departmental meetings. Please contact us to receive meetings announcements and meeting minutes.


What our Students Say About Women and Gender Studies Classes

In 1999, the UIS Office of Survey Research surveyed students who had taken Women and Gender Studies courses at UIS. When students compared our courses to others, they agreed that ours were better in terms of our classroom teaching techniques, course content, and success after graduation.

Our courses incorporate the experiences of women and other oppressed groups much more than other UIS courses. Our students say that our faculty are better than other UIS faculty on the following measures:

  • Encouraging classroom participation (71%)
  • Showing respect for student experience and expertise (64%)
  • Valuing listening (60%)
  • Showing sensitivity to individual student needs (55%)
  • Encouraging students to integrate intellectual and personal learning (54%)
  • Avoiding treating students differently on the basis of sex, race, class, age, sexual preference, or other factors (54%)