Requirements Overview

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What are the requirements of the WMY program?

  • To maintain eligibility, Fellows must be enrolled as full-time students each fall and spring semester for which benefits are awarded. Fellows must enroll in three degree-required, graduate-level courses each fall and spring semester, and meet minimum enrollment requirements are as follows: 1) Fellows whose master’s degree programs are comprised of three-hour courses must meet a minimum required enrollment level of 9 hours each fall and spring term; and 2) Fellows whose master’s degree programs are comprised of four-hour courses must meet a minimum required enrollment level of 12 hours each fall and spring term. Course loads which exceed or fall below the minimum enrollment level must be approved by the academic program and by the WMY Director. (Petitions are filed to seek this approval.) No incomplete grades can be earned in any enrolled hours, and at minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 must be maintained. Fellows must complete their graduate degree programs within a two-year time frame.
  • Fellows will be required to attend all WMY Fellowship Seminars, and participate in the seminar activities as defined by the Director.
  • To enhance research and leadership skills, a public service project will be selected in conjunction with the Director. (Although, Fellows are not considered employees of the University, the stipend is awarded for the contractual period with an expectation that this will, on average, permit the student approximately 20 hours per week of time to dedicate to project-related work.)
  • A service-related Work plan (doc), mid-year performance evaluation, and end-of-year evaluation will be submitted by the required deadline dates defined by the Director. The work plan will address both academic and service goals for the coming year. The mid-year performance evaluation will be formative in nature, and will identify both progress and areas of concern related to the service component of the WMY Program. The end-of-year evaluation will be a comprehensive evaluation of the progress made in both academic and service areas, and will include the original work plan, the mid-year evaluation, a supervisor’s evaluation (if applicable), comments from program faculty and/or staff (if applicable), samples of projects or other documentation to illustrate progress made on the service project, and a written overview of the progress made in both academic work, as well as in service activities during the academic year.
  • The WMY Fellowship is designed to help students pursue their graduate degrees full-time and to aid in completing those degrees in a timely manner. Because of the academic focus of the program, the seminars, and the service component of the program, combined with the financial support provided by the Fellowship, the Fellow is advised to limit the number of hours worked either on- or off-campus during the academic semester. Any extracurricular employment, whether on- or off-campus, must not interfere with the Fellow’s ability to fulfill his/her academic, seminar, or service obligations during the two-year time frame established for degree completion under this program.
  • Fellows beginning their first year of the program must complete a Form I-9 no later than the first day of their contract period. This process is completed in the Graduate Assistantship Office located in PAC 518.
  • No University regulations or policies will be violated, and the Fellow will abide by all policies set forth by the WMY Program.
  • A contract will be signed for each year the Fellow is a participant in the WMY Program. (NOTE: A Fellowship Reappointment Request (doc), which will be evaluated by the Director, must be completed and submitted at the end of the first year of the Fellowship to apply for continued participation during the second year.)