This Year’s Symposium

“The Lincoln Presidency and the Obama Presidency:  Options, Decision-Making, Results, Consequences”

The Wepner Symposium on the Lincoln Legacy brings together scholars from political science, history, and other social sciences to discuss the legacy of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency in contemporary society.

Past themes have included presidential leadership, civil war as practice and concept, and the legacy of emancipation.

Descriptions and summaries of previous symposia are available at the “past symposia” link to the left (or click here).


Respond by May 16, 2013 as to papers, being panel chairs, or being discussants.

Papers are solicited from any field of political science, any other field of the social sciences, the humanities or law with a serious interest in politics.

We will tend to give higher rating to proposals that do one or more of the following:

(1) seriously link more than one field of political science,

(2) deal with how to overcome serious racial, ethnic or other long-term group divisions and stratification,

(3) deal with how long- term disputes turn into major crises and when and how scholarly knowledge contributes to reducing the war potentiality, or

(4) deal with the potentialities, strategies, and tactics of successful decision-making on large- scale problems.

Final announcements as to acceptance of proposals will be made by June 1, 2013.  Accepted papers must be received by August 15, 2013.

Please watch our Facebook Page and our blog for up-to-date information on symposium details.