Wepner Program on the Lincoln Legacy

The Wepner Program on the Lincoln Legacy is a project of the Wepner Distinguished Professor of Political Science at the University of Illinois Springfield, dedicated to the mission of connecting the academy and the public in the study of Abraham Lincoln and his legacy for today's world.

What’s New

The fifth symposium is scheduled for June 25-27th, 2015 and will include papers on the theme “Emancipation, Counter-Emancipation, and the 21st Century: Is Racial Inequality Disappearing?” (click the event tab for more information)



Quote from Symposium Attendee

“I found the two conferences stimulating and informative, and I was particularly pleased with the feedback I received on my own work. In my view, the study of Lincoln is a target of opportunity for the University of Illinois-Springfield.”

Fred I. Greenstein, Professor of Politics Emeritus, Princeton University.