Video Conferencing Training for WordPress

One of the best tools available for connecting and communicating with our students, faculty and staff is our website.

In this time of working remotely its important we leverage every tool we have to keep our audience informed and up-to-date on our activities.

With that in mind, we recognize that there is still a need to conduct WordPress training so you have the resources ready and available when you need to utilize them.

Where to start

Just as before, your first step is to reach out to your campus liaison to request access to edit a site.

For those who have an Academic site, please reach out to Monica Kroft:
Monica Kroft
Phone: 217-206-6614

For those who have a Student or Administrative site, please reach out to Chris Ryan:
Chris Ryan
Phone: 217-206-8214

For those sites that fall under the Chancellor’s office:
Jessie Decker
Phone: 217-206-6198

The campus liaison is going to need to know the name of the person requesting training, whether they are a student, faculty or staff, their email address, and the site they need to access for editing.

Establishing a Training Date

Once the office of Web Services receives your request from the web liaisons, a representative will reach out to schedule a session with you on Zoom.

The sessions usually last about an hour and consist of a short lecture about the UIS website, a demonstration of the interface and tools within WordPress, and finally a short exercise where you create a web page in our off-site workshop environment.

Tools for Training

The Office of Web Services has a Box folder that contains all of the classroom handouts and additional help items.

For the WordPress class the document titled NewWordPressGuide_UpdateV4_3 needs to be downloaded for the class.

Zoom is the web conferencing tool/platform where the session takes place. If you have not used Zoom before, you’ll need to download the “Zoom Client for Meetings.”

You receive video and audio from the Zoom tool – no phone connection is necessary.
If you have issues with Zoom, ITS has established a page that can help you troubleshoot your problems:

Once you have completed the class you will be granted access to edit your site.