Customized Website Features

The Office of Web Services had programmed several customized website features into WordPress at UIS, adding enhancements for you to use within your content.

1. Blockquote

Blockquotes should only be used if you are directly quoting a person, or another source. This is following both MLA standards and W3C web standards.
  • Example: Chancellor’s remarks
  • How to Implement: Within WordPress, select the quote text on your web page, then choose the Blockquote button.

2. Columns

Columns should be used to arrange content on your page.

3. Connect with us

A “Connect with us” section can reside below the navigation of your UIS website that features your social media channels.

4. Quick facts count up

The Quick facts count up feature can be placed on your website to spotlight a few important facts.

5. Embed feeds

Several different feeds can be embedded into your web pages, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.

6. Embed page

Rather than simply linking to another UIS web page, it can be embedded on your UIS web page.

7. Embed video

YouTube video can be embedded on your UIS web pages very easily.

8. Cover photos

Up to three images can be chosen to appear at the top of your website homepage. These images change upon a refresh or revisit to the website in random order.

9. Photo borders

Add a border to any photo you place on your web page.

10. Photo gallery

Web Services has enhanced the way that you can place photos on your web pages.

11. Pullquote

Pullquotes can be used to make a key point or quotation stand out on your web page.

12. Tweet this

Specific text can be chosen and designated as “tweetable” within your content. This allows your audience to click and tweet the text you have defined.