When you are ready to have a new website created for your department, please let us know. We will be happy to meet with you to explain the process and help you get started. Please use our Help Request Form to arrange a meeting.

To begin your new website:

  1. You contact the Web Liaison for your new website, based on the division you are in

If the Web Liaison approves your new website:

  1. You meet with the Web Services team
  2. You gather the content
  3. We make the website for you
  4. You contact the Web Liaison with the names of individual(s) who will be Editors or Authors for your website
  5. The Web Liaison will inform Web Services that individuals should be added to your website
  6. We will invite approved Editors and Authors to WordPress training
  7. We train you
  8. You maintain content on the new website

What you need to know:


Download the applicable information to prepare your new website.

The New Website Information Sheet includes basic information for everyone.

The Structure for academic and support units outline the content categories* for official unit websites.

The Guidelines suggest a process for organizing website content and images.

The Best Practices document will help you understand general principles about good website design and maintenance.

UIS Words and Phrases includes words and phrases used to recruit prospective students. You may use these in your website content.

Follow the UIS Web Style Guidelines as you maintain your new website.

* The content categories are based on the Official UIS Web Policy.


Steps in the Process:

Step One:
Based on the Guidelines and the categories in the Website Structure, the content point-person from the unit gathers all content for the site and creates Plain Text files. If you have photographs, please include the original copies; do not edit the photographs.

Step Two:
Web Services determines the site’s navigation and creates the basic website and basic pages.

Step Three:
Menus, content, and photos are added to the website.

Step Four:
Department personnel review the website and suggest changes and additions.

Step Five:
Final changes are made by Web Services personnel.

Step Six:
Department personnel sign-off on the website via email. The website is then made public by Web Services.

Step Seven:
Department personnel are trained to maintain the website.


About WordPress Training

Training sessions are by invitation only. Website Editors and Authors will be invited to training when their new website is complete or almost ready.

(Hard-won experience has led us to not send a person to training before their new website is ready, no matter what the person’s previous experience. You may have already had some web publishing experience in the past, but you have never worked with our themes, our content management system, our login system, and our servers. And in most cases, you may never have worked with WordPress.)

The training session lasts for approximately 1 1/2 hours. You must attend the entire session to be given website access. The training is conducted by Ralph Shank.

Once you complete training, in most cases we can connect you to your website on the same day.


The Office of Web Services schedules production after we receive the content from a department or individual.

After reviewing the content, Web Services will inform you of a tentative timeline for the completion of the project.