Webtools Toolbox: Email+ Newsletters

Using email to promote your department and services is an inexpensive way to reach your audience. At UIS, the most complex versions of Email Newsletters are sent through the Webtools Toolbox.

  1. The simplest email is text-only. When you use this method, you can be sure that everyone will be able to read your email. Use Outlook or your normal mail program to send text-only emails.
  2. An enhanced email (sometimes called Rich Text) is text-only with the insertion of one or more images. Using Outlook or your normal mail program, type your text and then choose Insert File (or similar menu item) and navigate to choose the image you wish to use.
  3. An HTML email (or “pretty” email) is basically a web page that is inserted into an email. This method allows you to include images, links, and text in an attractive layout. Production of an HTML email is a complex undertaking.

If you require help creating or maintaining a tool in the Webtools Toolbox, please fill out this web request form.