Webtools Toolbox

Our colleagues in Urbana-Champaign have created some easy-to-use tools for University of Illinois employees and departments. All UIS faculty and staff may take advantage of these tools. In some cases, students may not create tools but may maintain them.

Included in the Webtools Toolbox are a calendar tool, a survey tool, and a form tool. Also available are the Email+, List Builder*, Short URL tools and more. [*List Builder Retirement Reminder]

These tools make it easy for you to accomplish your goals via the web without needing to hire an experienced web developer.

CAUTION: If someone creates a tool for your department, be sure that another full-time member of your department is assigned Administrator “privileges” to access the tool. Otherwise, if the creator leaves, no one in the department will be able to access the tool.

Support for the Webtools Toolbox

We have created a set of Webtools handouts that you can use to create a new calendar, add user privileges, create a form, etc. If you require help creating or maintaining a tool in the Webtools Toolbox, please fill out this web request form.

Using the Webtools Toolbox is the best way to learn about them.

The tools are actually quite easy to learn. People who jump in and try something are off and running in no time. The Webtools Calendar is the easiest tool to try first.

Once you login to the Webtools Toolbox, you will find links to more resources, as well as links to the tools themselves. Help is available on the Webtools Toolbox homepage and via Help buttons within some of the tools.

Users from UIS are welcome to attend the free workshops at UIUC. Look for their workshop schedule on the Webtools Toolbox homepage. And look for the link to sign up for their ListServ. Then you will see emails from the entire UIUC community of Webtools Toolbox users.

Also, assistance from the UIS Office of Web Services centers on the operation of the tools themselves. Persons seeking instructional design assistance Рfor example, designing survey questions to elicit the info you need Рmay want to contact the Survey Research Office, or another staff or faculty member who has pedagogical knowledge.

Finally, we find that UIS campus website Editors and Webtools Toolbox users are great about helping each other. Find another Webtools Toolbox user and pick their brain!