Shopping Carts

We no longer offer the e-commerce solution. In spite of the tremendous success of the solution, we do not have the resources to meet its increasing demands. In addition, e-commerce is not a primary service for our unit. Thank you to all that have worked with us to use the e-commerce solution.

YouPay was an online Shopping Cart system developed by the UIS Office of Web Services (OWS) in the fall of 2009.

YouPay worked with the University of Illinois iPay system and allowed you to process online credit card transactions on your department website.

  • The Office of Web Services required at least three weeks to develop the form and its functionality. This allowed time for development and testing. In addition, the completion time was dependent on meeting OBFS procedures and fulfilling requirements.

How YouPay Worked

  • In order for your department to process online credit card transactions, you needed to submit an application for an account in iPay, the University of Illinois credit card processing
    system managed by OBFS.
  • Also, your fiscal officer needed to set up an account where the payments would be received.
  • Once your accounts were set up, the OBFS department gave OWS the necessary processing-related information to create a YouPay shopping cart for your department website.
  • Once we set up your shopping cart, we placed a button on your website that took users to the cart.
  • We also gave you access to an Administration Panel, where you could monitor transactions. You used this panel for any issues related to a customer complaint. You could also copy and save address, email and phone info from customers for your mailing and contact lists.

Our Clients

OWS created several online shopping carts:

  • Two separate conference registration carts for the BAM Center for Business and Regulation.
  • A registration cart for the Illinois Issues Gove dinner.
  • Registration carts for CSPL projects.