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Chancellor Koch has, in consultation with faculty, staff, and students, articulated three priorities for 2013-16:

a) Growth
b) Talent acquisition and retention
c) Facilities

To support these priorities, the Office of Web Services has streamlined the online presence of the university and addresses the university’s digital reputation using a Content Management System and official website Themes for all official department and academic program websites.

UIS Homepage Timeline

August 2013 – July 2017

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July 2010 – August 2013

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Beginning in the fall of 2005, we began a major revamp of the primary UIS website. We used a Content Management System and Official Web Page Templates to recreate all department and academic program websites with three important issues in mind:

  • Recruitment of prospective students;
  • Technical support issues;
  • Web accessibility.

Related documents for the 2005-2006 Website Project:

UIS Homepage Preview, 2006



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UIS Homepage Preview, 2000


– Screen grab from Internet Archive. Missing graphics on left-side.

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